Fishing Sim World

LOL. Really?

I spent my entire childhood and teen years fishing and wishing against all odds to catch anything but a bluegill.

Bluegill is yummy!

In Missouri the law growing up was that bluegill had to be catch-and-release if they were under 5" from nose to beginning of the tailfin. But the general rule of thumb was “catch-and-release unless it’s pan-sized.”

So, me, with hopefulness in my voice at age 12 to my step-dad over a pretty small bluegill:
“You think this one is pan-sized?”

My step-dad:
“Well, I guess that kinda depends on the size of your pan.”

I always thought bluegill was bait for bigger fish. They need to add a river environment like the Mississippi and let me go after some nice sized catfish.

There are big catfish, 85lb is mine but they are up to 200lb if you can get em in

Enjoying this for the most part. I’ve looked for a good fishing game that was deep but not insanely so. So far this is it. But the way to get more fish-bucks is to enter and win the offline solo tournys. And the first one is Lake Arnold which I could walk across without ever getting my shoulders wet. Yuck, so freaking shallow. Anyway, I cannot find a decent place to fish at this place. I’ve tried the starting lures to little avail. Top water, medium water and even the deep water lure I drag along the bottom (LOL). At least if I finish bad enough I get my entry fee returned. :)

This is the big boy, Megladon 193lb catfish, big fight had me out to 200 yards, 23 minutes to get him in. 10,000xp as well

Lake Arnold is great, northern map point, Cypress cove, head north west on the coastline get in amongst the trees, honeycomb popper on the surface, morning clear sky. I have 11/12 species from there. Oh yeah wind in speed of 2 seems to work best for me on the surface

Great, thx. But how do I do anything about wind speed?

I also discovered the other initial tournys are free. But the pike one is at a pond and I spent an entire tourney not even getting a strike. Lol

Pike and Zander are real tough to catch. I have had 1 Zander so far, plenty of pike on Grand Union under the bridge. Don’t do Pike stuff unless you know the best baits (perch and jerkbait) and locations.

Poor weather sends fish deeper, hot clear days brings them up.

Btw, nice catfish! That’s awesome

Curse you for this thread. Curse you! Somehow this has become my favorite thing.

Excellent, i’ve got 50 hours in it.

Show of hands, how many of us are only following this thread because we watched the 2019 film Serenity?

Only 10 but I’ve started playing online carp tournaments.

The only thing I’m having trouble with is finding catfish.

How do you get your fingernails into the game. I just find the lack of initial direction a little daunting. I feel like I just need a starting goal to shoot for so I have a reason to learn the ins-and-outs of the gear/boat/rod/fishfinder system.

A few goals I used were either trying to catch specific species on a location or catching all the species in 1 location.

Some suggestions to help get going are

Make sure you try both coarse and bass fishing.

Set some goals, i’m going to cacth 1 of each species in this lake, or I am going to catch a carp in every carp lake or a bass in every bass lake. Stuff that is hard to catch are Pike, Zander and catfish could be hit and miss.

You don’t need to fish far out to catch the big ones, I got the 193lb catfish 10 yards out.

If you aren’t getting bites after 5 minutes swap baits or lures.

On good idea is on the coarse lakes you can ledger 2 rods and float 1(or ledger 3) giving more chance at getting fish, with lure fishing you really only get 1 rod

Good Locations to try and catch stuff are as follows.

Lake Arnold I found the easiest to get using lures, I have 11 of 12 species, get in amongst the trees on teh north west of the map, plenty of different species there. Trolling is ok but you need a lot of open space, normally I line the boat up troll at speed 2 and just let the lure follow behind but prefer lots of open space so I don’t have to mess with the steering at all.

Grand Union Canal: Under the bridge is a long row of lillies, great for catching Pike on the surface using a floating lure, caught Black Mamba the named Pike there.

Carp - Catch the biggest on Essential Cell Boilies the big ones 18mm. Easy to catch on the bottom using a size 4 hook, make sure you match the hook to the bottom, eg gravel, weeds or silt, this makes a massive difference. You need 1 of each type. Other good bait is Tiger Nuts.

Carp like margins in close or islands, getting in close to islands or tunnels of water where the fish have to swim through are good locations, Float fishing is good in close to the margins, float with a pop up boilie, tiger nut works well.

Good carp locations are Waldsee - swim opposite the island, cast at the island and get close, try to be deeper than 4ft if you can.

Manor Farm, bottom left side of the map in the corner is good for all carp.

To catch smaller fish like roach, rudd, tench smaller tackle is better 10lb line, size 16 hooks and casters, sweetcorn and bread work really well.

For Bass locations you need overhangs, trees and islands and try and fish in tunnels or near covering.

If you fancy a multiplayer game add me on steam (Reemul ) and we can hook up and I can give you some guidance or tips if you like

Man, I’ve still only caught one fish at LA and it was a pike (I was hunting bass locations for the first bass tourny). I’ve tried the top water and mid water lures. I’ll keep plugging along, but I’m getting frustrated with this lake.

Honeycomb popper worked really well there.

Ya, I started focusing on it and still getting minimal bites. I’m gonna move to the lake side of the trees rather than closer to the shore just to switch things up. And go further north maybe too.

I just noticed the top prize for the bass tourny is the same as the entry fee?! WTF?