FitBit Ultra vs JawBone UP vs Nike Fuelband

Anyone with firsthand experience with one or some of these pedometer-type devices?

Jawbone Up had terrible QC in the first run, and almost everyone I know that had one (4 people, I think?) had it die within 2 months. If they fixed that stuff, then it might be pretty good, but I have no idea about how the web software works or if its any good.

I’ve personally had a Fitbit for about a year before picking up an Ultra 6 months ago. I like it a lot and I really feel it helped get me to be more active. One of the things that I dislike, though, is that it requires a USB dongle to sync with their website. What is nice, is that they have a nice API which allows integration with a lot of different apps out there. I also like that it goes nicely in the coin pocket of my pants, instead of around my wrist.

I also have a few friends with the Nike Fuelbands (mostly the same people that tried the Up). They like it a lot too. Nike has a more closed ecosystem, so there aren’t as many apps, but their website has a lot of stuff built up. The nice thing about the Fuelband too, is that it can sync with your iPhone to upload data to the website (I believe Android support might be there as well; It wasn’t at first, but it might be now). That makes it a little easier to keep synced.

Between the Fitbit and the Fuelband, they are both great. There are minor differences that might make one slightly better for you personally, but I think you’d be happy with either.

As another option, I have a Striiv that I really like. It creates mini-goals for you all the time, so you can constantly push yourself for a few more stairs or steps when you check it. It also has a cheesy Farmville game built in that I don’t play much.

But the coolest part is your activity turns into charitable dollars for saving rainforest, providing water, or providing vaccines to those who need it in 3rd world countries.

FitBit pro: looks like data isn’t locked in, sleep tracking, limited calorie tracking
FitBit con: easily lost

Fuelband pro: worn all the time, not easily lost, no dock needed to sync, more gamified with cheevos
Fuelband con: locked-in data, vague method for determining space points, may be easily broken according to some reviews

Had a Fitbit. Lost it. Fitbit, being awesome, sent me a new one. Lost it for six months. In that time, got a Nike Fuelband. Love it, very motivational, particularly paired with the smartphone app.

Eventually found the Fitbit. Not using it; like the security of knowing the Fuel Band isn’t going to fall off. :)

Looks like Fitbit has refreshed their line again. Now they have the Fitbit One, that now syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 (so, iPhone 4s/5 and iPad 3). They also announced a new Zip, it does basic step counting and calorie eatimation. It’s $60 and comes without the altimeter (and probably a few other things too), but still syncs wirelessly and has a removable battery.

I’m hoping the Pebble turns out to be good at this.

Well, Pebble doesn’t have a pedometer, so it’d have to use your phone’s motion sensor…

Good point DennyA.

I have been toying with the idea of the Nike Fuel Band or a Fitbit Ultra. However, given I would have the Fuel Band off 2-3 days a week and would need to either put it away or tie it to my scrubs (they frown on surgery with things on your wrist) I think I may bite on the new Fitbit One next month. Plus, I appreciate that Fitbit can tie in with more other services.

The Pebble has a built in accelerometer.

It has the possibility for it to be a good pedometer (due to the 3-axis accelerometer), but part of the beauty of the fitbit and nike fuelband over traditional pedometers is that the data uploads to their respective websites, both of which store the data easily for you and allow a wide range of analysis.

Now, with the Pebble, some enterprising app writer could definitely do the same thing, but it remains to be seen how that will all shake out.