Five Nights at Freddy's the Blumhouse movie

The target audience is children?

I would have never have thought…I actually played the first game and it never struck me as something for kids.

Yeah, it’s a youtube (and probably twitch?) thing. My kids (14 and 17) went to see it today. They liked it, they came home and told me about all the youtuber cameos in it.

Edit: to be clear, my kids (esp. the 17-year-old) can tell you everything about the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore, but have never played any of the games.

‘Horror’ targeted at kids in the 8-14 range has been a hugely burgeoning genre over the last few years - Five Nights at Freddys, Piggy (Roblox), Rainbow Friends, Garten of Baban, a bunch of SCP adjacent stuff… I am sure there are others…

Modern-day Goosebumps basically.

Yeah, this seems to be a thing with kids these days. They watch youtubers that talk about/explain things, but seldom actually experience the thing themselves?

My gal’s daughter (16 y. o.) is like this. She’s a huge FNAF fan, collects the stuffed animals, etc., but has only played one or two of the games. She’s lately ‘gotten into horror movies’… but that means watching literally hundreds of Kill Count videos (exactly what they sound like), but seldom actually watching the movies they talk about. Though one of them was for Pontypool, and she thought I might like it, so she told her mom I should come over for movie night. I have no idea what she actually expected, but having seen and liked it before, I was down for it. I was just kind of surprised that that was the movie she requested, heh.

A similar thing happened with Hello Neighbor. The kids like the characters and lore more than the actual game. The game itself wicked sucks, and the sequel is even worse.

The FNAF series are not great games. I don’t think kids even play them much. But the aesthetic is fantastic.

Of course Among Us will be the next big video game movie after FNAF’s monster success. I’m sure someone is somewhere busily writing a script as we speak. AU seems tailor-made for a movie adaptation.

3rd weekend in a row my kids have made me or their mom go to this movie…


Did she like it?

Fun. Had missed that this one had come out. Know my two boys will love this - I’ll just have to shut off my brain while I watch.

FNaF is the new Star Wars: A New Hope. I did not see that one coming.

Pretty much. When the animatronics are on screen the movie delivers. Everything else is blah, imo.

Kids love it tho!

I watched it on Peacock over the weekend - you may need to sub if that kept up ;)

ya, i was surprised to see it for free on peacock as well, and watched it. It was ok, and i’ve seen worse films, but i will say animatronic robots turning and looking at the camera kinda freak me out in a pretty big way.