Fixed! To the fucktard that leeched my shit!

I don’t know your name, but apparently you claimed to know me from here.

I would have appreciated a note of warning or maybe even the courtesy of being asked for permission before the server got hammered. I still am not sure what’s going on, and I don’t particuarly care, but that was not cool.

Thank you.

:roll: That’s pretty rude… I wonder if the person in question will fess up or maybe just PM you with an apology.

Certainly sounds a bit harsh. Will the culprit please take one step forward please.

That is what htaccess files are for. Seriously, if you images out on the net and you think they are likely to be linked, protect them now, look at all the image linking that even happens here.

If you are on a linux server and need help setting up an htaccess file let me know I can help you set it up.


That is pretty awful. If you find out who it is, you could probably contact a moderator at SA.

I’m fairly certain that sort of thing gets an account suspended.

If you don’t mind slapping an example .htaccess up here, that’d be cool – would like to see the Chet way to do it (seems there’s 47 different ways to do everything).

I really varies on how apache is compiled and what version you are running, but this is what i use on poe-news.

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^" locally_linked=1
SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^$" locally_linked=1
SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^" locally_linked=1
SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^$" locally_linked=1
SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^$" locally_linked=1
<FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpg)$">
        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from env=locally_linked

And then you use the power of Apache’s ReWrite to Goatse the entire site.

No, because if the site linking to the image is a children’s site or anything for the under 18 crowd, you just comitted a felony under the new lovely laws of the land.

What i love are the idiots who use a 120k fancy image as their blocking image for images under 120k. Ifyou are going to use another image, two color gif, simple as you can make it.

The above was used for the rumsfeld fighting technique as thousands of kids in forums tried to just post it in their forum as their own post and creation. I didn’t want to burn any bandwidth on it.

Of course we still get no respect, when newsweek mentioned it in their mag, they didn’t actually mention our site, instead they mentioned how other sites (listed by name) had linked to it. Fucking newsweek.


Really? Is there a specific law that says you have to disclaim every single adult image on a webserver? It’s not that I don’t believe you or whatever, it’s just that would be nigh-on unenforceable, I’d think. Or else every spare jpg of Goatse would have to be behind a password, and I’d think that would be a free speech issue.

Granted, Apache::Goatse is a far cry from having a picture of your naked wife on your webserver, but still.

Most internet laws are largely unenforceable. Law enforcement, or laws for that matters, have yet to make any sort of realistic adaptation to the realities of the internet. True internet-savvy laws will have to wait until a generation that is internet-savvy comes into power.

People have already been jailed for “tricking” kids by using harmless domain names to redirect children to porn. This would fall under the same issue, you are tricking them by possibly using a relatively safe domain to distribute your porn.

He is hardly the only case. They are becoming much tougher on porn now. Which is one reason why on my own sites, you will never see a NSFW thread. The liability is too up in the air now, and they not erring on the side of caution.

and for this - “Most internet laws are largely unenforceable.” - huh?


Err, it means what it says?

Nobody has the legal authority to regulate the whole internet because it’s international in scope. Just looking at that story you posted, would there have been any prosecution if the guy had lived in South Africa or the Cayman Islands? Last I heard the majority of the internet (both users and servers) resides in the U.S. but that’s not going to last. Passing laws controlling the internet, laws that cannot be enforced in a lot of cases, is just a feel-good measure that the legislators are taking to pacify voters.

Angie is located in texas. While I am always surprised, yes that is part of the USA. I also happen to be located in the USA, as are thousands of other people jailed for breaking these stupid non-enforceable internet laws. Or the frenchmen arrested for breaking the french law, the germans for breaking german law. Koreans arrested for phishing crimes. etc etc etc.

So while you may have a feel good, raise your fist in the air that the Internet is the wild west with no rules, you are mistaken and people are jailed regularly for breaking these unenforceable laws passed just to pacify voters.


Thank you for the advice, Chet. Matt set up an htaccess for me just now.

Prosecuting some random small percentage of offenders who happen to live in the same physical jurisdiction as the law was passed and the crime was committed isn’t enforcement in my opinion.

Prosecuting some random small percentage of offenders who happen to live in the same physical jurisdiction as the law was passed and the crime was committed isn’t enforcement in my opinion.

When I step out onto my street, that same street is connects to other streets that connect to canada, to mexico and beyond. On my street the speed limit is 35mph, I can get a ticket for going faster. Yet on that same road, when it reaches north dakota, I can go as fast as I want and not get a ticket. The plates on my car in cleveland are not valid in brazil, yet if I really wanted to, I could drive to brazil on that same road.

That is what laws are. All laws. Local governments enforcing their local laws. Or are you saying none of the local governments ticketing and enforcing their laws on this road is enforcement?


To forestall the inevitable poo flinging . . . You win. I was obviously totally wrong. Must have been the new meds. Sorry about that.

Oh yay, defending point = poo flinging. Can you show me the poo I flung?

But what you brought up is a common misconception and many of the people missing the point are getting in serious trouble. If you want to explain how the laws on the internet versus any other international network be it phones or roads, whatever. Feel free.


Calm down. I was wrong. You win.