Fixed! To the fucktard that leeched my shit!

Calm down. I was wrong. You win.[/quote]You’d sound much more earnest and respectable if you said “I take it back/I apologize” vs. “calm down, you win.” looks like you’re trying to make chet into a WILD-EYED LIBERAL or something :oops:

Actually, no you couldn’t*

[size=2]*Not trying to be a smartass here . . . the geography nerd in me just couldn’t resist.[/size]:wink:

Actually, no you couldn’t*

A determined man would just take the car apart and walk it over the rough spots.

Television has lied to me - I will never trust it again… hmm but they are working on crossing that gap, maybe that is what i saw. I thought the rough outline of the Pan-American Highway had been completed, maybe just not paved. Guess not. Thanks for the link.


…and still we wait for this person to step forward.

Is there no way to backtrack links to find out where traffic is coming from?

BTW, as long as we are being nerds about things, the title should be “whoever”. But seeing as how Angie is already upset, now might not be the best time to quibble about such things :oops:

I’m not sure if she can see it on her server, but on mine it gives the IP/hostmask of people that visit and access certain directories. For instance someone took 1 image from my ‘random image’ dir (something I posted here ended up linked to somewhere else). I’d never heard of it, but the link told me where it was being displayed. It was only 1 image so I didn’t give a crap… if the whole dir got linked and alot of people saw it then I’d be pretty worried.

What’s the rule for whom vs. who? I always just reword to avoid this sort of thing, ie: WTF: Who linked my image directory on SA?

What’s the rule for whom vs. who?[/quote]

Who is a subjective pronoun i.e. the subject of the sentence. Whom is an objective pronoun i.e. the object of the sentence. The easiest rule of thumb is to use ‘who’ in cases where you could use the words ‘he/she’ and ‘whom’ where you could use the words ‘him/her’.

For some reason I’m suddenly reminded of Ultima 6 and carrying that skiff around everywhere.

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So that’s what Elhajj roadtrips are like …

So that’s what Elhajj roadtrips are like …[/quote]

And the Elhajj kids all said: Oh, no! Not another rough spot!

Thanks for sharing that one! That is easy to remember.

Exactly, but that would make “to whomever” the correct form, no?

Except that the object of Angie’s “to” is not the word ‘whoever’, but an entire phrase that just happens to begin with ‘whoever’.

As such, “whoever linked to my image directory” is a self-contained phrase in which ‘whoever’ is the subject, not the object.


Either way gentlemen, interesting though this all is, I don’t think it is helping catch whoever did it.

Sounds plausible… let’s put it to the test:

  1. “To him who linked to my pictures”
  2. “To he who linked to my pictures”

Are you sure that the second form is correct? I’d choose the first one but then I’m not a native speaker. :)

I think #2 sounds better. When it’s unclear I usually translate it and see how it sounds in Swedish, and in many cases this works fine. I think of it as To: “he who linked my pictures”.

Why can’t we just say “To the fucktard that leeched my shit:”?

Shouldn’t that be “To the fucktard who leeched my shit:”? ;)

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