Fixing an xbox

My xbox dvd drive has finally died. I get a dirty disk error on virtually everything and I was wondering how much trouble and cost would it take to fix it? I’d kind of want to just coast being pc only till the next generation but with KOTORII being delayed to allow an Xbox exclusive time period, I think I may have to bite the bullet.

If you’re comfortable swapping out drives in your PC, you can swap out drives on your XBox. The challenge is finding yourself a replacement XBox DVD drive, since they’re not a standard PC drive.

One vendor I know of (off the top of my head) is

The thing is, though, they’re asking $90-125 for non-Thomson replacement drives; at that price, you may as well just get a new XBox. (which is what I did; as for my old XBox, well, I slapped in a mod chip, a 100GB HD, and now have a spiffy XBMC box. At some point, I’m gonna make it run Linux; haven’t gotten 'round to that yet, though – I’m having too much fun using it to watch cheesy horror movies to screw with other OSes at this point)

a friend of mine bought one on ebay for $20. Might just do a search there.