FL voting fraud again?


If this is true, we have blatant fraud caught on video tape, with the perpetrators trying to destroy the evidence that shows every anomaly favoring one candidate. It almost reads too Hollywood-ized to believe, but you know the old saying about truth and fiction.

I’m shocked! Shocked that fraud would be going on after everbody spent so much time assuring me that the growing evidence of election fraud wasn’t evidence at all.

And here I was, just about to “get over it”.

Even if they had video of GW eating a baby, assfucking his daughter while Cheney rammed her throat while laughing and all of their hands busily changing votes- no one who mattered would give a shit.

jebus loves him, the brown people want to kill america, stand by your man, peaceniks hate america, kill all gays, blacks should not vote = lip service to these ideas win with our pathetic countrymen.


Also you wouldn’t care if Kerry had won because of massive voter fraud.

Of course I wouldn’t mind, in fact my opinion is that there is fraud and bush likely has nothing to do with it. Kerry’s folks arent evil enough where it counts they ran a really non-aggressive campaign in general.

I’m not mad Kerry lost or Bush won. I’m mad that Bush is president at all, ever. It is fucking pathetic. We’d have been better off with an empty chair and zero decisions for four years.

We could have Robo-Elvis as president for the remainder of the history of this nation and it wouldnt be cool enough to repair the damage.

Hopefully the rapture will be soon and all the fucks that elected him will poff off to heaven and leave the rest of us alone. Ah, heaven…

Very angry.

Just out of curiosity, do you actually believe that?

“1687: Using calculus, Newton estimates that 1 man = 1.00423 votes. History proves him startlingly accurate.”

–The Daily Show’s America (The Book)