Flagship Studios

So here is the new site for Flagship Studios, the company formed by Roper and the rest of the Diablo crew that fled blizzard:

Including this “art teaser” for their game in development:

“The image currently on the front page of the website is one of the first concept pieces for the game and offers a little insight into the kind of world we are building.”

Obviously, they are creating a game centered around surprising demons. Maybe throwing surprise birthday parties for them and the like.

Anyone have any real info?

  1. Or a game based on demons taking (or should I say, “leaving”?) a big dump.

  2. Concept art? That’s concept art? The artist(s) at Flagship Studios must have a lot of time on their hands. Put those bastards to work grinding out repeating textures, dammit.


Wow. I’ve never seen fantasy artwork that looked like (yawn) THAT before.

Well, doesn’t look like they’re doing a historical wargame.

You know, my guess is they’re either going to do an RTS or a Diablo-style game. Anyone with me on that?

It gets worse. Their whole site is filled with meaningless and vague language:

Flagship Studios is dedicated to games that set the standard for interactive entertainment in both the single and multiplayer arenas. We are currently in development on our first title that promises to give players hundreds of hours of compelling and addictive game play with a strong focus on fostering a vibrant online community.

Gah - better to remain silent than spout drivel like that!

They’re probably trying to figure out how to make a Diablo clone without making it dead obvious it’s a Diablo clone. ;)

Ok, enough teasing. At least they’re not abandoning the PC for consoles like other developers:

Are you making the game for the PC, or are you moving to console development?

We love PC games and spend the majority of our gaming times playing them. We know that this is where our development strengths lie and we intend the PC to be our main development platform.

“Intentions” be damned. Wait until Microsoft gets to 'em. They’ll be doing the Xbox/PC two-step before you can say “Milestone.”

Fortunately, even if they develop exclusively for the Xbox, the PC will still be their primary development platform. ;)

That picture looks like the love child of Shodan and Diablo.

You mean that picture didn’t immediately convince you that they’re trying to acquire the Railroad Tycoon IP to make their own sequel?

Sheesh! That was my first impression! :)

Anyone else think the website is there for the sole purpose of attracting capital?

When is one of these teams going to tell it like it is and call their company “We Want To Get Richer Studios”?