Flash assistance requested

So I’m in the last stages of my first game, and I’m trying to get the animations out from the Flash file they were made in.

They’re structured very oddly, I don’t know why; I asked for them in sequence-of-PNG format, but they gave me Flash documents. Meh.

Anyway, they’re structured like this: There are two layers in the scene. The animation itself, with its 30 or so layers all moving however they move, is in one layer. The background is the second layer. Thus, if my Flash knowledge is correct, the Scene is one frame, with one of the layers in the frame being a movie itself.

When I run the Flash movie, it works fine; the mouse throws the ball, the ball goes in the hoop.

Problem is, when I do Export Movie, all I get is the first frame, regardless of whether I’m in the main scene or in the layer where the animations are. And if I go into the second layer, where all the animations are, for some reason not only do I not get the background that is the other layer in the main scene (I expected that), but I also don’t get some of the layers that I’m looking at right at the moment I click Export Frame!

Please help? I really don’t know much Flash, and I want to get this working so I can actually enjoy a day off from this project.

I need to somehow get the sequence of PNGs. If someone could figure out what’s going wrong…

I can email the .fla to anyone who wants to look at it on his own computer, or if you prefer I can email you the .swf and you can decompile or whatever it’s called the file into Flash.

And thanks!

Exporting Flash movies as image sequences only works correctly for the most basic cases. No ActionScript, no submovies, yadda yadda.

Try changing the movie clip containing the animation sequence to the “Graphic” type/behavior, then make sure it’s not set to Single Frame mode. Then make sure it occupies enough frames on the main timeline to play out its entire sequence.

If that doesn’t work, you could set the movie to an extremely low frame rate and just take screen captures of each frame.

How do I check to see if it’s set to Single Frame mode?

It should be right next to where you set the behavior type for the instance.


Hmm. Are we talking about the same version of Flash? :(

When I set the instance to a Graphic instead of a MovieClip, there is:

-Type (Movie Clip, Button, or Graphic, I have Graphic now selected)
-Linkage: Export for runtime sharing (unchecked) and sub-checkboxes
-Source, with various source-related things.

Dude, get out of the Library. You’re supposed to be setting the properites on the instance that’s on the stage.