Flashback: What did New Coke taste like?

It might be the drugs, but suddenly, I’ve got this craving for the dearly departed New Coke.

I know it (supposedly) sucked, but I wasn’t around to taste it (though I do remember regular Coke being called “Classic Coke”).

I don’t think you can find it anywhere anymore, at least in drinkable form, and I don’t think there is any soda out there which tastes like it. :-(

Wasn’t it just an attempt to be like Pepsi?

I hear it was like regular Coke, only a lot sweeter. It was designed to beat Pespi in blind taste tests, which it did. But it turns out drinking one mouthful is different from drinking a whole can.

They didn’t taste exactly the same, but your best bet in recreating the New Coke flavor is by drinking a Pepsi.

What I’d like to know is what “OK Cola” tasted like, since I never managed to get my hands on a can.

That’s a bummer, I thought it would be something new and crazy. I can see why people would get pissed, though, being partial to Coke < Pepsi myself, I would get pissed if they changed the formula to beat Pepsi in blind taste tests.

New Coke was much sweeter than regular Coke…very sugary forward, with that Pepsi tickle on the throat (Coke to me has a mellower, fuller flavor). Didn’t taste exactly like Pepsi, but it was close.

Crystal Pepsi ftw.

Or Pepsi Blue… gah, that tasted like that vile you make if you mix all the different flavors together at a 7/11.

Pepsi Blue was amazing.

Coca Cola BlaK: One of the foulest tasting substances I’ve ever had the misfortune of drinking. I spit out my first swig, tossed the nearly-full bottle, and never looked back. I think I could have mixed something more palatable using Jolt Cola and Yoohoo.

I loved Crystal Pepsi.

Only if you live in Bizarro world.

Dad’s root beer.

It was like meth in a can!

I can tell you that I prefer Coke Classic, but to be honest it’s hard to remember what stuff tasted like 20 years ago. I remember that Coke II tasted a lot like Pepsi, and that it was supposedly New Coke with a different name, but who knows. Some people also claim Coke Classic isn’t exactly the same as pre-New Coke was.

So who knows.

Pepsi Blue is up there with Pepsi Vanilla and the Black Cherry Vanilla flavors as all-time best soft drinks…

I’m with you on Vanilla, but Pepsi Blue is vile garbage.

Not just a claim.

The original Coke was sweetened with sugar.

Coca Cola Classic is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup.

So even if the New Coke debacle cost them lots of money at the time, they’ve more than made up for it by being able to use the cheaper corn syrup sweetener since then.

(Conspiracy theory is that New Coke was designed to fail, but people wouldn’t have accepted the shift to hf corn syrup if they’d gone straight from sugar to that.)

I will definitely agree that when I first tasted it, I was quite amazed that it tasted like that.

Crystal Pepsi tasted just fine. People were just weirded out by it. What I remember from right around the time they discontinued it was that my family bought a six-pack, but when we got it home it was all full of lemon-lime soda. We looked a little closer at the cans and between “Crystal” and “Pepsi” they had printed “from the makers of.” Apparently they ran out of the formula before they ran out of the pre-printed cans and improvised a way to use them.

Anyone else remember Surge? Now that was some good shit. Like Mountain Dew crossed with orange soda, but it tasted a lot better than that Livewire shit.

What Denny said.