Flashdrive keychain?

I’m looking for a flash drive that’s either a keychain or has sturdy enough connections to be attached to a keychain. I had 2 problems with my last flashdrive, the end cap always fell off when I pulled my keychain out of my pocket. Even worse, the flashdrive’s connector would stay connected to the keychain, but the guys of the flashdrive would separate from connector.

It didn’t take long to lose the flashdrive, leaving just the connector part attached to my keychain. I’m looking for someone who has a flashdrive and uses it as, or connected to, a keychain, and is sure the end cap and the connector won’t easily separate.

I found these on Amazon, but I’m reluctant to buy one until I hear they are sturdy enough for typical pants pocket storage (yeah, insert joke here!).

EDIT: Most of the reviews on Amazon claim the drives didn’t stay connected to the keychain part, or the end cap kept falling off. Both of these issues are what I’m trying to avoid.

The sandisk one is the one I have, 1 gig.

It works for what I use it for, and it does infact stay on a keychain.

sandisk cruzers are good, the usb connection slides in and out. I have a 2gb titanium. The little metal ring it comes with is kind of weak, but it’s easy enough to replace with something sturdier.

i got a couple 4gb sandisk cruzers. Like Charles says, the USB connector slides in and out. I got them for $19.99 each from buy.com.

I also have the Sandisk Cruzer Micro, for exactly the same reasons you stated. I think my 2gig was $20 a year ago.

Another user of a SanDisk cruzer micro (4 gig). Nice because it slides in and out, no cap to lose.

The annoying thing about the cruzer is the light for read\write activity is really bright, which sucks when you use it for readyboost.

Really? Mine must be broke because its got a nice pleasing orangish glow.