Flashing a nvidia 5900 to a 5950

anyone tried this? I saw on techbargains that you can pick up a 5900 for $180 and flash it to a 5950. Any advantage to doing this, and any dangers I am not aware of? Can it just fry the card?

If its an se card, you can screw up your card.

I heard about this, and I think it sounds pretty strange because the 5900 and the 5950 shouldn’t be exactly identical. If they are just talking about overclocking a 5900 to 5950-levels and then changing the id to 5950 in the bios then I guess that the dangers are the same as with other kinds of overclocking. I think it sounds pretty unlikely that 2.2ns memory should be able to run at 950Mhz in general, and if you have a cheaper card with 2.8ns I don’t think it’s possible at all, at least not with “normal” heatsinks and fans.

Odd thing is I heard that if you overclock the 5900 to 5950 speeds, it’s faster than flashing the Bios to a 5950 and then overclocking it.