Flashlights are pretty awesome these days

Oh sorry, I got it here, they had links to the store from somewhere on that forum:

And for the hell of it, so I can blind my neighbors, I bought a pair of 14500 batteries as well as some decent, NiMH rechargeable AA batteries (I already have a charger.)

The Candlepower forums will lead you down a dark path… or a very bright one. Either way it won’t be good.

When you hear people talking about, say, the Surefire “M4 Devastator” and then you discover it’s just a flashlight can it be anything other than a let down?

Here’s the Devastator, for the curious. It’s… devastating.

Can any of these flashlights be purchased from Amazon?

You’re right. What a let down.

Now this is devastating flashlight.

I’m not a viral marketer, honest!!!

Thanks for the links!

What are 14500 batteries? I see these flashlight people talking about them, but what’s the difference between them and reg’lar batteries?

I’m as clueless as you but basically, fits the same space as a AA, with more power (3x more than an AA), longer life, and better charging hold. At least from what I understand. So for LED lights that can handle that voltage, you get a brighter light for longer run times with the same amount of battery “space” within the light.

Well, apparently what I’ve been needing all my life is a Fenix E01. Who knew?

I’m pretty sure I want a kickback from somebody now. I’m not sure who just yet, but definitely somebody.

Not only do I want to buy a flashlight, I want a g-d PROGRAMMABLE one, which I didn’t even know existed until this thread.


The best flashlight I have is my iphone, though I can’t speak to it’s lumens.

I applied for a job with Cree because of this thread.

Wow … in RTP. I didn’t know that. Then again there are a lot of companies or satellite offices in RTP that I’m frequently surprised over.

Do you need a special charger for 14500 batteries, or will the Ray-O-Vac charger that I’ve been using with regular rechargeable AAs work?

A special charger I believe Jerry since they have higher voltage.

Ed’s awesome dealextreme link sucked me in and I picked up a UniqueFire. I’ve been carrying around a JTSpotlight rechargeable LED light (official output .5 watt LED, 28 Lumens, actually puts out 800 lux and reaches 92 feet) on my nightly walks for well over year now. Modest specs until you see how tiny the little thing is and charges last a while. First read about it here. (No, I’m not a VMer).

I hate LED flashlights. And maglights, for that matter. I like a nice, focused beam with no dark spot in the middle. The best ones I ever bought were cheap Eveready incandecents, one took AAs and one took D cells. I’ve had some more expensive flashlights (though I was never stupid enough to spend hundreds of dollars) and none of them have been as good or reliable as the Eveready. They’re still going strong, 10 years later.

I’m baffled as to how this criterion relates to your opinion on LED flashlights. LED flashlights give a much more “solid” beam with no weird artifacting.

I have yet to see an LED flashlight that produces shadows you can read tracks with. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but… I already have more than enough flashlights.

I bought this for my dad a few days ago. It arrived today for his 66th birthday.