Flawed Gem VS Polished Turd

Translation: This is essentially the great or good game that is bug-ridden vs the merely okay to mediocre game without bugs.

I choose flawed gem, because great games are more rare, and bugs can be fixed.

Flawed gem for sure.

Worst case scenario, the fans will fix it themselves.

What if it’s a console game? ;)

I refuse to call ToEE a “Worst Case” of anything.

I don’t play console games. ;)

No brainer, flawed gem. Daggerfall would be a good example – an incredibly buggy mess, crashed every few minutes, but still I kept playing it because it was compelling.

It doesn’t matter if a poor game has no bugs.

This is not a very well constructed poll.

Do you prefer:

  • Good games?
  • Mediocre games :(

You CAN’T polish a turd. All you can do is move it around a bit.

Did you forget to let it dry first? Just a guess…

Yeah, that dawned on me as well. But there’s a couple that think bugs really do make a good game worst than a mediocre one.

You sir are obviously woefully ignorant on turdology. As a man who owns this I feel cofident that my knowledge of brownware exceeds yours and must inform you that a dookie, much like a fine 75 cent honduran cigar, is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. You’ve obviously been storing yours incorrectly if you can’t manage to get a decent shine on them.

Have you tried a Rock Tumbler?

As time goes on, I have less and less patience for bug ridden or generally unintuitive games. I would much rather play through a straightforward game without any crashes or fuckups than to spend hours trying to figure out what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing in a game only to have the whole thing CTD on me.



More and more I don’t really have the patience for either of those things. I’d rather play well polished good games.

I’m with Les. But if I have to choose, flawed gem. I’ll take a Chrome or an Invisible War over a Half-Life 2 any day of the week.

A what huh?

Those are flawed turds.

Fans can only fix resource files, they usually can’t fix the code that sits inside the executable. :(

Stop trying to polish this turd poll!