Fleet Commander Series

Strategy Game Studio is launching a new series of naval themed games. First up is Fleet Commander Pacific:


A Kickstarter will be getting underway on December 7, 2021.

Go to the link below for a summary of the rules:


More as I learn more.

Based on that rules summary you linked, they sure do seem to be playing it safe. I get the feeling they’re less interested in designing to any specific conflict than they’re interested in making a general purpose engine that could fit any conflict.

But if they’re going to keep exploring weird little crannies like the Mexican American war, the Soviets vs. the Finns, and Germany in Africa in WWI, I shouldn’t complain.


All of which should have ample scope for massive fleet on fleet actions! j/k

I have now tried out an early build, and the game is very much still in development but I am loving it. If you loved Avalon Hill’s Victory in the Pacific, you are going to love this.

And the Steam Page is up:

Kickstarter backers will get first consideration for participating in the Beta.

Demo coming December 7. The game plays like a computerized version of Avalon Hill’s Victory in the Pacific which is precisely what I have wanted since 1977.

The Game thus far has a campaign game covering the entire war and Coral Sea and Midwary scenarios.

Fleet Commander Pacific: Introduction

Gameplay and Tutorial:


Demo available:

Kickstarter up:


Interview with Philippe Thibaut:

With 32 hours to go the game is funded. Backers are promised an orange present tomorrow.

Wow I’m honestly surprised. This is one of the most hands-off campaigns I’ve ever seen. Yay though.