Flickering second cursor in games

For quite awhile now, 3D games have had a ghostly second cursor onscreen. It and the real cursor look like they’re flickering back and forth, like the system is alternating between drawing one, then the other. Only one of them moves, the other one just hangs out in a random place on the screen. I’ve been just kind of ignoring it up until now, but it causes problems with the cover indicator in DoW2. Does anyone know what could cause this?

I set my refresh rate to 60hz from 59hz recently on a whim, and that seemed to solve the problem until the next reboot. Now it’s back, and the refresh rate is still 60hz. Maybe just a coincidence.

Windows XP Home

NVidia 7950 Gx2

NVidia drivers are dated 1/14/09, version

disable custom cursors in control panel under pointers tab in the mouse applet.

change it to windows default (system scheme) and click use default.

Already is :( It didn’t occur to me that this might be a mouse issue, though. Anything else in that vein I should check?

I could also set the scheme to None. I’m also using the Windows driver, not the correct Logitech driver for the mouse…I’ll try those later.

I’ve had that problem before (in a different game, mind you), and I believe what fixed it for me was just to alt-tab in and out of the game.

Tried it already. It happens in any 3d-intensive game I play lately. DoW2, The Witcher, Left 4 Dead, just not things like Puzzle Quest Galactrix.

Disable desktop composition?

sounds like a video driver issue. i had this years back on my nvidia 6600gt with a specific revision of driver.

or it could be some explorer shell addon like …hah…comet cursor.

Updated my video drivers and played with the mouse settings, but what seems to fix it after googling around is changing resolution in-game then changing back. Alt-tabbing doesn’t do it for me, maybe because I run my desktop at the same resolution as games. Anyway, it’s inconvenient but at least the cursor is gone. Thanks!