Flickr relaunch

Comes with 1TB of storage and full resolution photos. New site design.

Wow, nice! The new photostream looks god damned sweet.

Cool. All my shit is on Flickr. May be time to throw them some cash.

Their relaunch is a disincentive to give them money. Pro is now $50 instead of $25 annually and its only benefit is no-ads.

I agree. I’ve been a Pro subscriber for a long time because I wanted the organization tools (not available for the free accounts) and wanted the full-quality uploads (important for my astrophotography images). Since these are now available with the free accounts, I have no desire to pay $50 a year.

I suspect that I could have gotten those features elsewhere for free in the meantime, but haven’t because of inertia. I haven’t done any research into photo sites recently, so I don’t really know what the competition is.

Thanks guys.

Note that current Pro users will be grandfathered for the time being, at the current $25 rate with unlimited storage. How long that will last is anyone’s guess.

Yes, it seems like that is the point. They want you to stay rather than moving your photos to facebook or google+. They don’t want your money, because their competitors are free.

I pay $60/year for Smugmug. I prefer their layout, but AFAICT the main reason I stay is inertia and ability to use a custom domain.

Is there something I’m missing about how I’m supposed to get all my photos on there? What good is 1TB of storage if I can’t simply add the folders I already have? All their site seems to allow are individual files within folders rather than the folders themselves…I definitely don’t want to dig through hundreds of folders and select-all in them one-by-one.

It’s been a while since I had Flickr hosting my pics, but I seem to recall they had a bunch of tools to assist w/ uploads.

The Flickr Uploadr allows you to drag a folder full of pics for upload:

Edit: The web uploader seems even better:

I love the new look. Flickr always felt dated and unfriendly to me. The “Explore” area needs to be revamped though, maybe borrow some features from 500px. Trying to find interesting photos for a specific category is nearly impossible.

I’ve also heard that is only for the people on recurring plans. If you are Pro but pay annually (or every two years) you will find the price has jumped the next time you renew.

With 1TB and high resolution, I may actually switch to free when my next. High resolution and “unlimited” storage were my main reasons for Pro and those are mostly gone now.

Though, the photostream + photosets were a little more annoying to search through on the free accounts (I think, only the last 7 sets were shown or something like that). I wonder if that will be the same. If not, then there is no reason for me to keep the Pro account.

The web uploader is better, but again you can only choose files within a folder, not the folder itself. I’ll check out the tools.

I just dragged a folder over and it imported all the files in it. I didn’t try nested folders.

Is there a way to find out how much storage you are using? I have a pro account but it doesn’t seem worthwhile now.

Hover over your account icon on the top right of the screen and it should tell you how much storage you are currently using. At least, it does for me.


Nope. I don’t get that. I suspect it is because I am currently a paid member so I don’t have any space restrictions.

On an unrelated note, I notice that the new front page has a scrolling list of recent stuff. When you scroll to the bottom, it automatically loads stuff that’s older. However, there’s a bunch of links forming a footer for the page which are now inaccessible. It’s accessible if you move to another page on the site, but clearly the site needs a bit of work and testing.

Just noticed something else. The sets list seems to just grab the first image from the set to represent the set. In the previous version of the site, one could specify an image to represent the set. The new site doesn’t have the option nor has it carried over the setting.

1 TB free is nuts and a welcome change, kind of reminds me of the gmail when they offered 1Gb at launch. Is there any hidden restrictions to this can I just make every photo private and use it as my photo backup?