Flight of the Conchords Album

Is out yesterday. I just got it today, and I am loving it. Anyone else get a chance to check this album out? I am pretty sure that all of the tracks on the album are all freshly recorded just for the album, not just copies of the songs from the show. They are all songs from the show, but they re-recorded them for the album. If that makes sense, much like Tenacious D.


…but in many cases the songs on the show are rearrangements of songs from their road show, much of which has been seen on their HBO One Night Stand special more than a year before the series and on youtube, and there was some radio show they did for the BBC, which I believe has some of the same songs, so, they seem to change the arrangement and style of their songs all the time.

You can actually track the development of the changes in some songs through the youtube vids. It is pretty clear on some songs how they polished it more and more over time, sometimes showing how changing a few words in a line greatly improves it.

I’m partial to the HBO special, which is still on my tivo, as it is the most polished and tight of their performances I’ve seen. But I’ll check the album out. Thanks for letting us know about it.

I recently watched the HBO show and damn I love it. Is there anything better than Bret dancing when he’s angry? I think I damaged something in my stomach from laughing too hard.

And I disagree about the polishing, at least for some of the songs. I like the HBO special versions better for the most part. Though that may be due to hearing them first and becoming attached to them that way.

It’s business time.

Not putting “Bret You’ve Got It Goin’ On” on the album makes me a sad panda. But then I listen to “Inner City Pressure” and I feel better.

They fucking ruined “The Humans are Dead,” which is one of the greatest songs ever written about the inevitable robot uprising.

The definitive version for me will always be this one:


I much prefer that version

but, if it is anything like tenacious D, it is my love of the show that is stopping me from loving the album songs. I remember listening to the tenacious D album when it came out, and going… this is it?

But, over time, I grew to love it.

But, the live album “Folk the World” and the EP “Distant Future” have other recordings of the songs.

holy crap.

I am really loving this album, it took me a while to warm up to the songs, but I think that they are really some of the best versions, I really like the new robots.

Definitely a must buy if you love the show.