Flight of the Phoenix

Saw a trailer for this last night. The original was a classic that I can’t imagine being improved upon. So why remake it? Just … why? I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of stories, scripts and treatments out there that are begging to be made, so what on earth would possess someone to remake a film that has already been made? Someone needs a good slap upside the head!

What’s next, a remake of Gone with the Wind?

If the remake of Gone with the Wind is anything like the Flight of the Intruder remake, Rhett and Scarlett will be menaced by an armed, time-traveling motorcycle gang.

The preview of Flight of the Phoenix looked absurd. The first movie was character study. This one looks like an idiotic action film.

This is a HUGE bump, but I just saw this movie and I need to warn you all: stay away if you value your life.

Are you going to kill any of us who watch it?

<insert pop-eyed emoticon here>


Are you going to kill any of us who watch it?

<insert pop-eyed emoticon here>


Yeah, Jimmy Stewart and Peter Finch are going to come and personally kill you.

No, you’ll probably kill yourself, save them the trouble.

It isn’t an action movie at all. I’ve never seen the original and from the previews I wanted to see a cheesy action film so I rented this. From what I’ve heard of the original this one isn’t that big of a departure and I thought some of the critics actually liked it. I didn’t find anything wrong with it and would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been in the mood for mindless action and got this instead.