Flight Sim Follies is back!

I just finished reading the front page, and BOY am I excited. As a long time fan of the Follies, I can’t wait to see Scharmer’s latest musings. Thanks QT3. I knew I loved you guys for a reason other than your magnificient physiques. ;)

Won’t there have to be some flight sims to discuss first?

Sure IL-2 Stormwhatever is out now, but what else is there?

Maybe he can let us know about the latest Falcon 4 user created mods. W00t!

O Ye of little faith. If anyone can make silk purse out of a cows butt, sharmers can. Or something like that…

I think the column has morphed from being a take what’s up with the flight sims usenet group to just what the hell do we do with ourselves now that there aren’t many flight sims to discuss.

well? where is it? The suspense is killing me!

Scharmers missing another deadline?

No, he gave it to us. We’ll get it up tomorrow I guess.

Hey,nice one,Scharmers,but I think you took some of the more innocuous posts from the IL2 fanboy dweebs.I’ve seen a lot worse,even in the little time I’ve spent on ‘a prominent IL2 discussion board’.But even that sort of dreck is entertaining compared to the sparring morons who dominate c.s.i.p.g.f-s. nowadays…

Great article, Sharmers, as usual. It’s good to see you back in form.

Ah, Scharmers, you still have it.

And good to know (1) I can still make the Follies, and (2) I don’t have to re-enter that godawful miasma of posturing chairpilots that is comp.sys.ibm.pc.flight-sim to do so. :)

Great stuff Scharmers. Good to see the Follies back in print . . . er, pixels. :)

LOL!! oh man, that was classic follies!!! Well done. And since I no longer frequent flight sim (nor the USElessNet for that matter), I guess I’m not going to be in another follies (used to be a regular, back in the day) any time soon.

And Chase, you bastard, thanks for getting me into trouble. Here I was reading the bit about the B25 and then the Poser pic…when the missus walks into my office (with something for me to sign) and started staring at the screen. So, here I was, actually trying to explain how the two pics were related.

Needless to say. I failed miserably.

btw, its Anisotropic

Thanks for the good word, fellas. Most of this Follies was actually written some time ago, so it’s aged a little bit – the full-on, Il-2 goodness was only simmering when the first draft was completed. FB came out the weekend before I touched it up again to bring it back up to date.

As for flight-sims, oh yes, there’s still material out there. Our happy little community always has interesting people and products to poke with a stick, and I intend to do so.