Flights of Foundry online SF convention

I’m going to be moderating, paneling, and reading at Flights of Foundry, an online SF convention being held this weekend. Registration is free, and there are quite a number of big name guests.

My schedule (eastern time):


3:00pm Engineering in Fantasy
Moderators: Laurence Raphael Brothers
Speakers: Ken Liu, John Murphy, Fran Wilde, Steven Swiniarski

9:00pm Elements of Mystery & Noir
Moderators: Joshua Bilmes
Speakers: John Murphy, Kat Clay, Laurence Raphael Brothers

12:00am (!!!) Laurence Raphael Brothers - Reading
Speakers: Laurence Raphael Brothers


5:00pm Scribere Ex Machina: Writing A.I. In Genre Fiction
Moderators: Kurt Pankau
Speakers: William Ledbetter, N. R. M. Roshak, Martha Wells, Laurence Raphael Brothers

Register at:
Programming schedule:

Wait. No opportunity to spend a ridiculous amount of money on shit I don’t need?

I think they have a virtual dealer room too :)