Florida gets first Religious Prison


Nearly 800 inmates from 26 faiths attended the dedication ceremony of what Gov. Jeb Bush called the nation’s first faith-based prison — a facility focused on encouraging the spirituality of inmates of all faiths.

Along with regular prayer sessions, the Lawtey Correctional Institution will offer religious studies, choir practice, religious counseling and other spiritual activities seven days a week. Participation is voluntary and inmates are free to transfer out.

I’m sure there’s no way hardened street-smart criminals could use this to their advantage.

How touching, you’ve softened for Christmas. I was waiting for a comment about them getting to learn from even bigger con artists.

Interesting. The article didn’t state if religions such as Islam and other non-Christian religions were going to be a part of the institution. I wonder if they could slip in some Voodoo religion? That would be kind of cool.

I don’t like how the “reformatory” part of the prison system seems to be monopolized by the accursed churches.

er, without the churches is there any reformatory part of the prision system?

There could be, 's all I’m saying.