Florida Man Swallowed by Sinkhole: In His Bedroom

Sinkhole in bedroom. I miss New York.

Florida, of all places. That poor motherfucker.

It’s only 20 feet deep. How have they have no sign of the guy?

According to the victim’s brother the sides of the hole collapsed inward. He was buried. The brother was trying to dig him out and had to be rescued himself. And forcibly held back. It was still growing. According to the local news it might still be.

This is not the sinkhole in question, but you can see how they work a little better in this incident from August 2012.

As the hole forms, dirt, sand, and clay collapses inwards to fill the hole.

Here’s one from 2006:


This kind of thing makes you realize why ancient man invented God. Who could explain the earth literally swallowing you up while you sleep? It was terrifying then, and it’s terrifying now. Damn.

Just saw some more about this. They have a couple of guys taking soil samples near the house. Those guys are wearing harnesses attached to ropes, which are being held by firefighters across the street from the house. They are assuming that the sinkhole under the house is a lot larger than what they can see on the surface. People in homes nearby have been evacuated.

The earth itself swallowed him whole. That’s so metal.

Where else but Florida? Australia maybe.


Fringe season 2?

Saw the brother interviewed and I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

Why are they spraying water into the hole? I guess with the house being demolished there’s a risk of gas leaks and such?

Life gives you a sinkhole, make a lake?

We have wormsign!

“It sounded like a car ran into the back of the house,” said Norman Wicker, 48, the father of Jeremy’s fiancee who also lived in the house.

Well shit. Once the Wicker Man gets involved it’s all over.

I’m not scared of much, but that is fucking terrifying.

That picture is photoshopped or something, right?
I mean, giant freaking tunnels seemingly with no bottom don’t just appear out of nowhere, in the middle of a city block, do they?

It’s not shopped, and it’s not a sinkhole. It’s worse than that.

Galactus and Rasalom laugh at you, puny mortal!

New sinkhole swallows another man whole…in Illinois of all places

(Source: NBCNews.com)

ST. LOUIS - Suddenly being swallowed up by the earth on a golf course’s fairway drove a wedge between Mark Mihal and a stellar round.

The 43-year-old mortgage broker was counting his blessings Tuesday and nursing a dislocated shoulder sustained four days earlier when he tumbled into an 18-foot deep sinkhole on the 14th hole of the Annbriar Golf Club near Waterloo, Ill., just southeast of St. Louis.

Friends managed to hoist Mihal to safety with a rope after about 20 minutes. But the experience gave him quite a fright, particularly following the much-publicized recent death of a man in Florida who died when his bedroom fell into a sinkhole. That man’s body hasn’t been found.

“I feel lucky just to come out of it with a shoulder injury, falling that far and not knowing what I was going to hit,” Mihal, from the St. Louis suburb of Creve Coeur, told The Associated Press before heading off to learn whether he’ll need surgery. “It was absolutely crazy.”

Mihal said it was a real downer on what had been a fine outing.