Florida Man Swallowed by Sinkhole: In His Bedroom

If I get swallowed up by the earth as I perform some mundane task, I hope one of you will at least start a new thread.

That’s a heck of a divot!

So the guy in Florida died, did he? That’s too bad.

I read an article about the poor guy who died.
It honestly sounded like the premise of a really cheesy horror game.

It’s actually an important part of the beginning of a Whitley Strieber book called The Forbidden Zone. A really twisted read.

Also that Kevin Costner movie, think it was called The Upside of Anger?

Mark Mihal, the golfer who fell into the sinkhole this week, is actually my great aunt’s son – whatever relation that makes me. Small world. (And hungry one, apparently.)

First cousin once removed!

Once removed by a sinkhole, even.

This forum has tradition to follow – you’ll get an “ARISE!” post and like it.

If you get swallowed by the earth, an “arise!” would be just what’s most needed!

Haha! Thanks for making my morning! Awesome :-D

(See, this is where a “Like” would be useful)