Florida Teacher accused of wizardry

…for making a toothpick disappear in class.


As much as I love this country…

People are retarded.

Piculas did not follow the lesson plans, he allowed students on computers even though another teacher said not to, and he told the fifth-period student peer that she was in charge.

It’s his assertion that he was fired for ‘wizardry’. The mistake the school made was listing ‘magic tricks’ in the dismissal letter as one of the causes.

All he needs is two more horrible things to happen to him and then This American Life can do a tearjerking podcast about him.

I have no sympathy for the fired teacher. He is trying to spin the argument to make it ridiculous, its a classic wicker man defense. He was fired because they don’t want him teaching in their schools anymore. The fact that he doesnt get it and believes its because they think he is a wizard only strengthens his opponents argument.

“he turned me into a newt!”

“… I got better”

I think you are all missing the point.

This guy is a Fucking Witch!

I thought the classic wicker man defense was attacking your accuser with bees?

That’s the new wicker man defense (usually cited in law briefs as Wicker II).

The classic wicker man defense also has musical numbers.

That’s the remake wicker man defense. The classic one involves calling strawmen wicker men.

Alright guys your right, I meant strawman. Kudos though on making me feel stupid and laugh at the same time.

Actually, it’s more of a strawman to say that that’s what the substitute teacher is doing and then attack him for it. Really, we have no idea what the whole situation is.

Magic is fun, but having this gal teach might be better!!

Florida, wierdness center of the universe…

Holy fucking milkduds…

Man, with tits like those you’d have to really be trying to get fired. I guess that’s why she missed about a month’s worth of classes.

I confess I didn’t read a single word of that article, and went straight to the “More photos of Tiffany” link.

Meatwad: It’s all starting to add up now, isn’t it? The levitation, the eeeevil book reading, them cream cookies you always eating. You a damn witch!

Am I the only one imagining Job (Gob?) from Arrested Development teaching these classes?

Ironically, this is a common theme in magick. But you all already knew that.

Thank you for speaking my shame.