FLOTUS under Trump


If you read the entire article, it’s not just her photos she references. She talks about her stance and presentation when she is not taking photos, like on inauguration day and the way she often lags behind Trump and her son in public. i don’t know if the author is correct, but I don’t think you have to attack Millennials and the author in order to disagree with her conclusion (aka it’s not her it’s them and their obsessions!).


I did read the article and didn’t say she was wrong per se about all things, but mellinnials are much more concerned about photography and feeds than older generations. That much ill stand by. But I still feel the article was more constructing a story via Instagram feeds and, what I was pointing out, the logic of her analysis which might well be true for her generation (or at least of those among her social groups). isn’t necessarily true for an older one.


You’re misspelling millennials on purpose right? So you are going after that generation while at the same time trying to defend an entire generation. It seems an odd thing to do to me.

I certainly can’t speak for how other people take pictures, but I just pull out a camera, yes I own one, or a phone and capture a moment on the fly. I don’t do selfies, really ever, so it’s not like I don’t understand the position. I also know as a kid, the parents sat in the front seat of the car BUT boy was it a great treat when you, as a kid got to sit there instead.

Like I said, I don’t know that her gathering of information is perfect or her conclusion is in anyway perfect, but I see zero reason to respond to it as some sort of aggregate attack on a generation you obviously don’t care for.


I really can’t spell millennials :/. I spell that word wrong over and over, especially on the phone. The way iPhone autocorrects it can’t ever figure out what I’m trying to spell.


I’ve seen you edit it a few times now. So you’re not using MEllennials instead of millennials on purpose? It’s an actual thing. I used caps to show why that particular spelling matters.


No, I’m hurtling down the highway at 75mph glancing at the phone for a couple seconds at a time. There’s something about the number of Ls and Ns in the word that doesn’t make sense to my instinctive spelling rules.


And also I don’t “obviously dislike” millennials; to such extent a difference exists they’re going to have different mores and sensitivities. Identity through social media is imo a defining difference between gen x and they.


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Dear god don’t get yourself killed.

I made this assumption based on your spelling of MEllennials instead of the proper spelling. Since your phone caused that, my apologies.

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So 40ish posts about what scum Melania is and then a couple about texting in a speeding car. What a waste of a thread.

The hate and pettiness of some people here is amazing.


Fuck are you on about? The reactionary shittiness of some people is indeed on display in this thread. Quite recently, in fact.


Let’s get some perspective here:
Michelle Obama basically performed as flotus perfectly, and didn’t cost the tax payers millions of dollars to secure a penthouse in NYC, and yet got called a literal crossdressing man because her arms were too strong looking.


Melania is a waste of money. An ignorant one with her socalled cause of ‘anti-bullying’ when she is married to the bully-in-chief.


OMG we showed concern for our fellow humans. What assholes are we!

Seriously, dude, what the fuck. If there was a dislike button, you’d get one.


I think you need to go back and read this again. You missed most of the conversation, like maybe you read the first article posted, didn’t read anything else and just assumed you knew what people were talking about.





3D printing makes another inroad…now it’s being used to make gifts for visiting political figures!


she’s despicable.