FLOTUS under Trump


This rubs me the wrong way in that pre-2016 election when I would still occasionally get forwards from a conservative group of guys I play board games with, when I pointed to everything to say that a story was completely bogus I would get exactly that response. Either, “hahah it’s just funny”, or “maybe, but it really makes you think”


But that’s not what I said. I said it’s a weird story, in the sense that it’s a weird conspiracy theory to want to get behind.


The dude’s twitter handle is BuyLegalMeds. The reason to get behind it is to get traffic to whatever he’s selling.

And the way he said LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TIME as if those pictures prove something? Ignore this shill.


Yeah I guess I’m saying let’s not spread this any farther than ground zero. Weird or not, it doesn’t deserve consideration and could be long term damaging.

I’m just being a fuddy duddy though, so move along, I apologize.


OMG. #FreeMelania worked.


But asking for help would ruin the image they are trying to cultivate that they already know everything.


“The other Melania” did not escape National Treasure Alexandra Petri’s attention.

Sean Spicer noticed the Other First Lady once, before he vanished. She was coming down the stairs. She was wearing her dark sunglasses and her trim tailored coat and her heels. Her mouth was locked in its firm, polite non-smile, like the Cheshire Cat on a bad day. He would have thought nothing of it if he had not just seen the Real Melania in the first-floor hallway. He froze. He looked up, just for a moment, and she knew that he had seen them both.

Shortly after, he was gone.

Anthony Scaramucci saw her, too, on the same stairs. He only lasted a week afterwards. “Didn’t I just see …” he started. Real Melania put a finger to her lips.


Imagine my pride to find that by Thursday morning, this cobblers had percolated all the way up to news Valhalla – AKA sections on Good Morning Britain and Sky News – having been fanned by various nutjob social media accounts in the US. Furthermore, it had been smartened up for appearance in the Washington Post and USA Today and so on. In the case of Sky News, the entire backdrop was given over to a splitscreen of “Melania” at the Secret Service facility and a verified Melania image, with the chyron demanding: “DOES THE FIRST LADY HAVE A BODY DOUBLE?”


This is a classic of Cockney rhyming slang. It has nothing directly to do with shoemakers but originates from ‘cobblers’ awls’, the pointed hand-tools that cobblers use to pierce holes in leather. The rhyme is with ‘balls’, meaning testicles. … It is a ball game…‘cobbler’ is the slang for ball."



Man I hope for a Don Bluth animated movie where they purge the entire Trump administration with a plucky Barron survivor


That looks like a scene from some unreleased Dario Argento horror film.


I assume each ballerina’s eyes have been sewn forever shut according to tradition, as they dance their eternal dance in celebration of the rape and pillage of America.


So… like… are they just dancing in the foyer or something?


Fucking 1%ers.


The look on Melania’s face is like “What the fuck are these people doing in the foyer blocking my way? All I want to do is go get Donald his bowl of ice cream so he will shut the fuck up and I can go back to watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon.”


Question: Will the Trump kids end up being worse than Trump? I remember watching the inauguration, and thinking that the youngest one has all the Trump creepiness, except more so in some ways.


Eric or Barron? I hope you mean Eric, because his youngest is clearly in the autism spectrum and should be left out of scrutiny and ridicule.


I meant Barron. Wikipedia doesn’t say anything about autism.


Children don’t deserve that kind of focus, IMO, regardless of who they are related to.