FLOTUS under Trump


Well minor children anyway, or children not purposefully putting themselves into the political arena. The one ass keeps talking about his children, but largely no one is going after them. Whether Barron has a medical issue or not is largely for the family to know, not arm chair physicians and therapists which is why Rosie caught her foot in mouth.


That’s what I meant.


Actually it just occurred to me that her pose reminds me of the creepy ‘Bloody Mary’ bit in the Paranormal Activities III trailer…




Is that Jeff Sessions holding the kid in blue stripes?



Germans, etc.


Because Europeans use a different date format where they put the previous month’s number in front of… oh.





“Wait, didn’t we do this last month?”


I don’t have a problem with the President doing a little pro forma Pearl Harbor remembrance thing but it is funny how Melania’s body language invariably suggests “I’m here under duress.”


I kinda give her a pass because she wasn’t trained as a politician’s wife like pretty much every first lady before her. I imagine her being as upset as Hillary on election night.


Even so the date should be 12/7/1941. As in December. Hell, she was just at the Arizona memorial a month ago.


I know. That was my attempt at a joke.


Arizona is one of those weird time zone areas though - so I can understand her immense confusion.


ok that was funny. Just FYI, Hawaii like Arizona doesn’t have daylight saving.


Like reasonable people shouldn’t.


DST sucks. I feel for Melania.


She’s no princess in a tower. She made her bed.


Yes, but look who she has to share it with.

No wonder she stayed in New York for a while.