Fly the not-so-friendly skies

Twice is Coincidence…

Beoing better hope anyone else is a health nut.

Like this guy?

Dean, 45, lived in Wichita, Kan., where Spirit is based. Known as Josh, he had been healthy and was known for a healthy lifestyle.


They file a complaint, we drop airplane parts on their house! It’s the Boeing way!

Nationalize it anyway, and let’s get some goddamn oversight going here.

Then they can jail you for state secrets when you whistleblow

That is really weird. Probably coincidence, but that part of the brain that really wants to find patterns in things is screeching like it’s a tweener at a Taylor Swift concert.

A culture of safety first…

…you sound doubtful - why do you doubt they had a culture deeply invested in the safety of the stock price?

Obviously passengers love not knowing how much they’re going to ultimately pay for their tickets!

Major airlines sue Biden administration over fee disclosure rule

LOL. I knew it was filed in the 5th circuit before I even opened the article.

An employment verification letter from American Airlines is circulating on Reddit and collecting attention because of how low starting wages are for some newly hired flight attendants. The letter, which states that a new American Airlines flight attendant will have a projected annual salary of $27,315 before incentives and taxes are collected, has sparked conversations about fair wages for flight attendants and how inflationary price hikes are making life unaffordable for many Americans—even if the economy and labor markets look good on paper.

The union that represents American Airlines workers, called the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, verified the authenticity of the letter, CNN reported, which is issued for potential landlords or other services where flight attendants need to verify their employment and income.

On average, full-time flight attendants only get about 75 hours of hourly pay each month, and pay often only officially begins once the plane’s doors close, rather than compensation that also accounts for hours when they need to be at the airport or on the plane during the boarding process.

“One of the most stressful parts of the flight experience is during the boarding process,” the union wrote in a May 20 summary, adding, “yet we are not paid for this work.”

Yeah that sucks.

I used to teach English in Spain. I was paid by the hour, for the teaching hour.

Prep time? My own.
Travel time? My own.
Analysis of the class? My own.

No wonder most of the teachers never bothered preparing or analysing how the classes went.

I worked out that I was on about 10 euros/hour realistically, after my planning and travel, sometimes less.

And hours were not reliable or fixed.

I felt rather abused!

I think Delta is the only major airline that pays their in-plane folks from the time their schedule says they need to show up to work.

That’s an insanely exploitative and anachronistic setup that assumes, basically, flight attendants are either available women looking for a (male) partner, or married women with no real financial needs. (It assumes they’re women of course). Kind of, but honestly worse than, elementary school teachers.

That’s pretty low pay to put up with hundreds of stressed, annoyed animals.Yes people turn into animals when crowded/delayed.

One dead, > 100 injured.

I think I’m gonna keep my seatbelt on when flying from now on. It sounds like it’s not too hard to get a swift (and possibly fatal) knock on the head.

This should be a gift article.

Coincidentally I flew Delta this week for the first time in years, man, it is so much better than United and AA, to say nothing of the discount carriers. The attendants were friendly, the seats were way nicer, the in-seat entertainment worked well and was sized well. I think I’m switching my loyalties since I’ll never get status on any airline without changing jobs.