Flying Heroes $1

I think it’s time I investigated this much-hyped game. Who’s with me?

All I know is that this game is the butt of a Qt3 joke… I think Chick likes it despite the fact that it sucks?

Whatever the case, I just got it for $2.40 shipped :P

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I think $1 is a fair price for that game. You’ll get your money’s worth, and then you’ll realize that the balance is way fucked up.

Those system requirements are terrifying !

System Requirements

* Windows 95/98, Pentium 166 MMX, Computer 100 PC compatible
* 64 MB RAM
* 480 MB Hard Disk Space
* 100 0irectX Compatible Video Card, 100 0irectX Compatible Sound Card
* Microsoft Compatible Mouse
* Direct Input Compatible Peripherals

Tom Chick will so gently touch you all when he sees this thread. :wink:

I got a lot more than $1 worth of fun out of that game. I played it entirely against AI opponents because nobody else I knew had it (or wanted it) and yes the balance is off (zeppelins are tanks, birds are crap) but it’s fun all the same. There’s a lot of good ideas and good level design here that I’d like to see again.

Flying Heroes is definitely better as a single player game. I seem to recall it has a tournament structure that lets you upgrade your ship and powers. There was really some imaginative stuff in there, too.

I really like what those guys at Pterodon have done. First Flying Heroes, then Vietcong.


Hey, I’ve liked Flying Heroes almost as long as Tom Chick has! I’ll still joke about it, though.

Heh, I thought Flying Heroes only saving grace was it’s multiplayer. In single player you will run into absurdly unbalanced situations where you simply cannot win. For example if you do really, really well in your first season and advance to the 2nd tier, all of your foes will have 10x your hit points and do 5x the damage you do. The only winning move is to intentionally lose enough so that you don’t advance a tier until you can get all of the upgrades.

In multiplayer you can consciously balance things out to make them a lot more fun. Netcode was good for it’s time, for a game that allowed such freedom of movement.

They problem with Flying Heroes in multiplayer (at least at the default settings) is that the power progression is long, and you get sent to the bottom after each death. So, you end up with one or two players heavily armored with self-guiding weapons slaughtering the respawning masses and their comparative popgun weapons. I think you can change it so players respawn with better weapons, but I can’t recall for sure.

In single player you will run into absurdly unbalanced situations where you simply cannot win.

Hmm. That’s news to me. I managed to complete the single player game multiple times.