Flying mechanical bird

Holy crap.

This is not a trick. There are no invisible strings, no post production video fixes. What we have here is a graceful, flapping, unfeathery machine that looks and flies like a seagull. It was built by a team of engineers at a company called Festo in Germany, which specializes in factory automation, and for years now they’ve been doing what Leonardo dreamed of when he sat on those hills near Florence sketching birds: they copy from nature’s designs.

To be fair, birds can fly, so this isn’t that big of a breakthrough.

Old news man, Clash of the Titans did this ages ago! ;)

That’s stunning.

To make something that doesn’t look like a model…

Time for a sequel to Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Wow, it’s pretty great to see in action. I see future military equipment coming out of this. Not like that’s a leap that takes a genius though.

Too early to sign John Woo up for Transformers 4 (or should it be Trans4mers)?

That’s amazing, though. I’m shocked by how fluid and lifelike its movements are.

God that’s just beautiful.

Yes, stunning.

Yes, it will be the eyes in the sky for the robot uprising, when they capture us with their Dr. Octopus-tentacle robot elephant trunk limbs and terrify us with their robotic sky jellyfish.

“Hey Ahmed, does a seagull in the middle of a Pakistani desert seem strange to you?”

Better make sure we only do beachheads from now on!