Folding@home for Covid-19

Saw this over on reddit after it was mentioned on gamesradar.

Figured it can’t hurt to send some cycles their way.

Team “PC Master Race - PCMR” is number 225605

3-16-2020 11-04-06 AM

Can an iPad contribute? I can do it when it’s fully charged.

I’m running this too, but am on the /r/covid19 Reddit team.

I missed this thread but was just reminded of Folding@Home by an article at Ars. I went ahead and joined the team. My CPU is something of a potato chip but my GPU is decently new-ish at least.

If you participate in Folding@Home do you get a percentage of the profit when the cure goes to market?

I’m sort of surprised this thread hasn’t gotten more attention. One of the nice things about running Folding@Home has been that donating some processing power gives me the sense I’m actually doing something, however small, about the current crisis. Silly or not, it genuinely makes me feel a little less anxious.

If there were more interest maybe we could get a QT3 team going.

I want to plug Rosetta@home because they do similar good work but Folding has all the attention. Probably more useful to contribute there, I hear Folding is actually running out of work at times because they blow up so fast. This is an especially good choice for people with video cards <2060 because Rosetta is CPU only anyway.

Download the client here:

Info on the research:

(If you have enough cooling on your system you can disable Folding CPU tasks so you get GPU only and then run both Rosetta and Folding at the same time. Be warned this is pretty heavy on a system though, don’t try it on a laptop!)

Good tip, I honestly didn’t know Rosetta@Home was doing work on COVID. Sadly my CPU is pretty much a cracker, and overheats easily - I’ve been running Folding pretty much exclusively on my GPU. Great option for other folks, though!

I’ve been doing this for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t joined a team, is there any interest in a Qt3 specific team?