Folks, comics aren't real

People are actually dressing up as costume heros and fighting crime. Yes they are as looney as you think they would be.

My favorite quote: “Dad forgot for a moment, when faced with police, just for a moment, that he did not have real superpowers.”

Here is their “website.” Super HTML coding isn’t in their powers either.

Your first link does not go where you think it goes.

opps, fixed

gallery here:


So these are the people who see the wannabe Batmen in Dark Knight and think: that could be me.?

I dunno, SUPERBARRIOis a bonafide superhero to me :)

Hmmm. With chumps like these in the super-heroing game, I wonder what credentials you need to become a liscenced supervillain. Could be a growth industry!


I’m surprised at how many women are on that list.

I like how Green Scorpion is neither green nor scorpion-like in appearance.

Laudable, I suppose. But I’d hate to read about one of them getting shanked by some druggie.

Beware criminals, “Middle-age leather coat photoshop lense-flare” guy is all up in your business with his magic lense-flare, and dashing goggles of justice!!!

That’s pretty whacky; thanks for alerting me to these, um, benefactors.

I think if I was a superhero I’d more be like a cross between The Punisher and Andy Richter. Lots of guns and an obvious love of beer.

I am so going to start a super-villian registry.

I’m surprised Black Arrow & Crimefighter Girl are sorta cute. Guess it’s true what they say about women in uniforms…

I’d like to register myself as…The Jaywalker. My arch-nemesis is Traffic Girl.

Not Hit-and-run?

I think what we really need is a super booker.

For those who missed: Saturday Night Live “Hero Song”

I’m truly and sincerely surprised that none of these people have wound up with Darwin Awards yet. Especially after reading through Kick-Ass.