Follow up to Indestructible Object

They Might Be Giants are releasing a full-length studio album this summer.

Why are they listing it through Idlewild instead of Barsuk?

Did the company fold THAT quickly? Or was the EP just a one time license deal

That was a one shot deal. Idlewild is their brand within Rounder Records.

I saw TMBG at the Maryland Science center this weekend. It was a free concert given by the harbor. Great show. They played several tracks from Spine. I first saw them in concert around the time Tire Damage came out and their performance and the over all show sucked. This show was the complete opposite of that. Plus they hung out about an hour after the show to sign stuff and chat with the fans. The only down side was I had a bunch of pictures of the show and me meeting with them but my camera died and took all the pictures with it. grrr…

Awesome. It’s been too long since they’ve done a big release. I’m really looking forward to this one…

When and where in MD was that? I was in Baltimore starting Sunday night… if I missed TMBG… :(

The show was Saturday night ~6:45pm to a little after 8. John & John hung around talking to the crowd, signing things till 9. This was at the Maryland Science Center at the inner harbor in Baltimore City.

Dammit I was there exactly two days after them. Oh well… I couldn’t have made it on Saturday, so I guess I don’t feel too bad. I’m going to go to every show within three hours when the tour starts though.