Food aversions you developed?

Inspired by Tim’s thread about ritual food combinations, are there foods you used to eat but can’t any more for whatever reason?

Mine: BBQ potato chips and Chocolate Soldier or Yoo-Hoo. When I was a small child, my grandparents bought me both and then took me out fishing in a small boat. You can guess the rest. I haven’t eaten BBQ chips since, and it was only a few years ago I could even stomach any kind of chocolate milk. Even now it’s only Quik mixed with white milk. I can’t deal with pre-made chocolate milk at all. (Not that chocolate milk is something a woman my age should be consuming anyway.)

Marshmallows, ever since I got hideously ill during a Boy Scout camp-out where I had just eaten toasted (burnt, actually) marshmallows and equally burnt hot dogs. I got over my hot dog phobia after a few years, but to this day many decades later I turn slightly green and nauseous when I so much as see a marshmallow.

Crab soup. I had crab soup the day my appendix ruptured and to this day it still gets me nauseous.

Cheerios: Ugh, now days it’s like having a mouth full of wood. I used to eat them like crazy though.

Pop Tarts: Same as above, but replace wood with paste.

Bologna: Same as above, but replace paste with waxy salt.

Chicken Wings and Legs: Loved them till about ten years ago; I was grossed out by a vein, now I can’t eat them any more.

Burger King cheeseburgers. I rarely ate there anyway, but one night when I was working late on my thesis and utterly stressing out, Bahimiron thought he was doing a good deed in making sure I at least ate something and got me a meal there since I had been feeling so run down. My stomach was feeling weird, but I thought it was just because I hadn’t eaten anything all day.

Sadly it was really because I was coming down with a fucking horrible stomach bug that had been going around that left me unable to leave the bathroom for the next 48 hours about ten minutes after I ate. I seriously was left curled up on the floor crying because I didn’t have anything else to get rid of, yet my body wasn’t taking the hint. I couldn’t sleep. It was hell. I have never, ever felt that sick in my life and I had fucking whooping cough twice.

To this day even if I am in dire straights for food, which is about the only time Burger King starts seeming appealing, I cannot bring myself to eat there.

Cow Tales, the soft, ropey, cream-filled, caramel candies.

I used to love them, until they were the last thing I ate before becoming rather ill and spewing all over my grandparents’ bathroom. Now I can’t even look at them without becoming slightly nauseous, because I associate them with vomiting.

Goya juice. Thirty seconds after drinking their guava juice I emptied the entire contents of my stomach in front of my friend’s house. I haven’t seen one in years, though.

Hot dogs, cream-filled donuts, and green apple flavored candies. Had them all in one day when I was young, horribly ill that night, never had any of them again.

Cinnamon Life. Had it as a kid a lot…then I threw up about half a box on the school bus one morning.

Subway sandwiches. We were driving on a quick road trip over Christmas break, and we stopped at Subway along the way. By the time we got to our destination, I felt green. We ended up staying in the hotel for another 2 days while I tried not to be too disgusting. Every time I walk into one of those places, now, all I can think about is that one time I threw up what appeared to be a lung (luckily, I had 2).

Summer sausage. I have no idea why either. I used to eat it all the time with colby jack on ritz crackers but now it makes me sick to eat it.


Well, there’s your trouble.

Panera. I got sick after eating there once and can’t ever go back.

Rice and Butter: got sick with something unrelated the same night I had it for the first time and just thinking about reminds me of what it tasted on it’s way up.

Whole Wheat Bread and Ham Sandwiches: Packed these for lunch the first few times I had chemo and now the smell of them makes me feel ill. Interestinglin, after I was done with chemo I started liking guacamole which I never liked before.

I have conquered mine. It only took 30 years! Like most of the examples above I got horribly ill (stomach bug) shortly after eating something, in my case an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds. I spent about ten years getting nausious if someone mentioned the word, couldn’t bear to actually see one, and though it never happened I bet I would have vomited if I actually smelled one.

This past summer I tried one. And it was okay! Didn’t fill me up, but the flavor was okay. A few days ago I drove by a McDonalds doing a buy one get one deal on them, I sort of chuckled and decided to go back there this weekend and take advantage of the offer.

Miracle Whip. Used to love the stuff, and hated real mayonnaise. Now I’m the opposite. Miracle Whip tastes like sugared wallpaper paste to me now.

I think eating crab soap would make anyone nauseous.

I personally don’t think it’s considered an aversion if the “food” is a terrible as Miracle Whip. That’s like saying you have an aversion to Cheese Whiz; that’s not an aversion, that’s good taste.

Raw Onions. My terrible, awful, subhuman bitch of a grade school teacher (who was really a nice lady) tricked me into eating a raw onion at one point as part of some ridiculous experiment to show how smelling food is essential to tasting it and it burned. I don’t know how, or why, but it burned. Ever since, it’s nearly impossible for me to force one that I can see into my mouth. I can eat a shawarma if I don’t look at it, but salads, burgers, sandwiches…all right out.

Also, I’ve always hated eggs, though I can eat them now and enjoy them on occasion. Like, since I was a tiny child. I apparently tracked down and found the egg in Egg Fu Yung and refused to eat it at the age of two. I also get a stomach ache if I eat more than about two scrambled eggs, which I’m sure is somehow related.