Food delivery services (DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats, etc.)

Did they rename the restaurant as well?

It’s been bad around here recently. Often Grub Hub, Uber Eats and Door Dash all are just shut down or only doing pick up orders.

I got that driver shortage message too, for a day or two. I just made food at home I guess. Heh.


Hey, I would prefer to just go out once a week and have dinner at a restaurant and a movie in the theater. :-P

Huh. Apparently Doordash (now?) sports a big old “this is a virtual brand” banner on virtual brands. Like “Village Bowls” which is fulfilling out of a Baker’s Square restaurant.

Yeah lots of restaurants have like four virtual storefronts on seamless. It’s annoying.

My point was that they’re actually telling you it’s a virtual brand.

Interesting. For It’s Just Wings, which operates out of Chilli’s here, it’s different.

“A concept by Brinker International” doesn’t really tell the whole story, but it’s something.


The Burger Den says “Hosted by Denny’s” which is better.


The Burger Den does


But this one doesn’t.

Coco’s is… Shari’s

Here, for some reason all the fake restaurants seem to have a random name + a foodstuff. Like Paulie’s Cheesesteaks, or Ronaldo’s Wings. Bizarre. Anyway, I just google the address and then the real restaurant shows up.

Yeah, I think the calculus is that people want a specific food type when they use Doordash, or at least you want to be discoverable in case they do. So it’s X’s Wings, or Y’s Hamburgers so it pops up on a search, where Cheesecake Factory wouldn’t.

I wonder if there’s research that shows that people prefer ordering from a specialist location rather than from a restaurant that sells tons of different types of food, like a Cheesecake Factory or Chilli’s.

Ooooooh. That’s interesting.

According to the wife Chilli’s has awesome wings. I wouldn’t know. :P

That sounds right. Plus it gives them double the coverage, so it’s a win/win.

I ordered from it’s just wings in like May 2020 and they had the same banner then. They’ve been leaning into it this whole time.

In fact I googled brinker and learned all about this virtual storefront thing then… It was my first exposure to it.

Hey! Grubhub called and left a voicemail for me again. Some new sales guy really wants to work with my business. I’d like to hope that after they tried to put my business on there without my permission, with an outdated menu, and I told them I wanted nothing to do with those parasites in no uncertain terms, that they’d learn, but I’m guessing I should start watching again, dammit. Goddamn I hate these fuckheads.

On a slightly related note, I got to smack Yelp down a couple weeks back. One of their reps really wanted me to pay them advertising money. I told her as politely as possible that the company she worked for was basically an extortionist scheme and that if it was possible, I would have no presence there whatsoever but that isn’t allowed (WTF?), so please to just let’s meet in the middle and have no one from her company ever contact me again, ok?

It still feels like there should be a from the industry for the industry solution out there. Maybe once some of these companies burn through their cash and no one will give them anymore… there can be.

Is it viable to trademark your name and slogan then hit them with trademark infringment when they pretend to be you? IANAL obviously :P

Last time I did tell them that they needed to take it down asap or they’d hear from my lawyer (that, of course, I don’t even have). And they did. But it’s mostly the inconvenience of having to watch them.