Food Inc - a film about your food

So this was a christmas gift that i eventually got round to watching. I’d known about for a while and i know about many of the subjects it touches on (as many of my posts in various threads would show), so it was not a ‘going in eyes closed’ type of thing.

Having said that some new stuff did come out of it for me, and as such i would recommend this as essential viewing for all Americans, because it is basically about your food, but by extension it is of interest to ALL people from all countries because the American Food Industry has influence on a global scale, and the information in this film is a great starting place to get better informed about what it is you eat, and you and your families health.

It received lots of critical acclaim, and i’d give it an 8.5/10 (some information is a little dated and it could have been harsher in where it placed it’s focus, but probably wanted to avoid lawsuits etc).