Food Network

Is it me or does anybody else find the Food Network to be more boring than even a year ago? Now, it’s all about Emeril and facts and figures about food and it’s history. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alton Brown’s ‘Good Eats’, but I do find stuff like ‘The Best Of…’ to be abysmally boring. I remember when they’d have shows with people traveling all over the place looking for new and different foods; exciting programs.

Good Eats is the only Food Network show I watch any more. They’ve gone downhill quite a bit.

Top Five… blech! Please shoot that show now.

I think they are looking around for some new shows and personalities. You’ve got to have some sort of turn over to keep things fresh. I’m sure they are looking to reduce costs so junk like Top 5 are probably cheap to make.

I like that Rachel Ray. I’ve actually tried some of her 30 minute meals and they actually turn out, but I usually take a little bit longer.

Also, Rachel Ray is one of those women who look great sometimes and just normal other times. It’s kind of fun to see what kind of a day she’s having.

Need more A Cook’s Tour - type shows.
Less Top5 and Best Of crap shows.
And enough with the various food festivals from acround the nation!

They probably spent their budget on Iron Chef America.

Today on Iron Chef — baby shark heads! Yum!