Food processor lid?

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I’m not sure what kind of lid you mean by “non-safety” lids. Could you explain a bit more?

Also, what model processor do you have?

Look at your manual. It should include a list of appropriate replacement parts, including the kind of lid you’re referring to, assuming one is made to fit your device. They may recommend places to get them, but you’ll probably need to google “YOUR MODEL” “replacement parts” or something similar. I ended up having to make such an order a few months ago when a frozen chunk of banana shattered the lid on my Cuisinart.

I can’t seem to find a confirmation email, so unfortunately, I can’t give you the name of the site that I used, but all the ones I remember finding were basically interchangeable on things like price and availability.

This is the internet, if there isn’t a website guide to modding your food processor there should be.

I have a Cuisinart food processor with that safety mechanism, and it annoys me no end. However, it’s obvious that you can’t disable it without disassembling the body of the processor. Changing the lid isn’t going to work. The lid forces a spring-loaded rod in the rear of the bowl into a hole in the body of the processor. No rod pushing down into that hole and it won’t run. Any replacement part would have to do the same thing before it could run, unless you took apart the body and bypassed the switch inside that hole.

You could get a bowl with a rod that went down without a lid on it…

I believe you are looking for “Flat Cover with Cap,’” which is the official name for the Cuisinart food processor cover without the sleeve and pusher. You can find it at the Cuisinart web site. Look up your model of food processor to see if the flat cover is made for it.

The flat lid removes the tall sleeve and pusher. The flat lid still triggers the safety rod, which is there to prevent you from running the food processor without a lid.

You could drill holes in the lid.

Maybe it’s just me, but disabling the safety mechanism on a food processor seems like a really bad idea.

Unless you really want a finger processor.

Also, without a lid, your fingers are just gonna fly out of the bowl after they get chopped off, and you won’t be able to get a real smooth puree, so you could probably just chop them off with a knife and save yourself some trouble.

Thanks Aquafish!

Isn’t it still just as annoying, then? I’m not seeing how a flat lid that still triggers the safety rod is going to be that much easier to use than putting on the sleeve lid and inserting the pusher. To be honest, what annoys me about the regular lid more than anything else is that it limits how much you can put in the chute. If it’s much more than halfway full the pusher doesn’t engage the safety rod.

I actually disabled the safety on a cheap food processor I had when I lost the lid.

Then I put skull and crossbones on it with red marker. Then I pureed berries in it. It looked like a poster for “why you don’t disable safeties”.

It entirely depends on what about the standard, tower sleeve, lid bothers you. In my case I use the food processor to blend liquids, semi liquids (hummus) and simple doughs. The sleeve isn’t helping me and I have to assemble it and clean it every time I make salsa or pizza dough.

The tower sleeve also annoys me because I cannot use the food processor under the cupboard where it lives. It has be move out to a more open space. With the flat lid, this is not a problem.

On the other hand it sounds like you use your FP for slicing vegetables and would benefit from permanently disabling the safe rod mechanism like XPav has done with his FP.

I actually do get a little bit of use out of the chute when making dough. Dough as you know is something you have to eyeball, since you need a certain consistency and simple measuring won’t guarantee that you reach that consistency. Hence I’m always adding just a bit more flour or water (depending), and I can do that with the chute without taking the lid off.

You’re right, though, the main things I use my processor for are slicing and grating.