Foofighter spam

Hey guys,

Okay, steps are being taken. Once we figure out what they are and how to execute them, we’ll stop this sort of stuff in the future.

And, pending the outcome of last minute talks, it looks like we might require registration to post and a valid email for the registration of new accounts. So all you anonymous posters, start picking your pseudonyms and setting up your hotmail accounts!


I think if we even ban any account that uses the term “Outwar” I’d be happy :)

…and the people rejoiced

Tom, you can also do a little something something with phpBB that will replace with the string of your choosing.

Specifically, in the administration panel, under the General Admin heading, choose “Word Censors”, click the “Add new word” button and put in * and whatever.

Good move. I like the openness of the boards, but the disadvantages now outweigh the advantages.

am i the only one who’s ever daydreamed of cracking into the qt3 site just to remove some malicious spammers?

luckily (for my permanent record) i don’t know how to do anything k3wl like that…

Mmmmmmm…foofighter spam…

Finally! A pre-emptive strike against spammers.

All it’s costing us is the ability to post anonymously at ease.

Thank you Tom.

Ditto. Tom may I also suggest when you accept valid email addresses that they do not include Hotmail accounts ? Might cut down on a lot of the crap.

I’d like to second Sean’s excellent idea. Restrict registration from the more . . . permissive . . . e-mail providers.

I dunno. I use Yahoo mail as my primary email – even pay the extra money for extra features, including POP3 support. That way, if I change ISPs, my email doesn’t change.

Loyd Case

<deleted due to acute spastic double posting syndrome>

Yeah, I don’t think the hotmail thing would work all that well. Other than on this board, I use my hotmail account to sign up for everything. Just makes it so that I don’t flood my own email address with potential spam.

We’re fumbling around with how to do this even now, but our thinking is that we still want it to be very easy to post anonymously or even under multiple accounts. We don’t want to discourage our regulars from their creative personas such as Mr. Koontz, Mr. Freeberg, and Mr. _K. So fake email accounts such as hotmail will be allowed.

Guys like foofighter will still be able to get in if they want to go through minimal trouble, but it’ll be easy to shut them down.

I don’t know how easy it’ll be since, when it comes to tech stuff like this, Mark and I is a couple of 'tards. Bear with us. Odds are you’ll all be locked out of the forum for hours at a time while we flip random switches to figure it out… :)


omg, tom knows who brian koontz is… i wish i had admin powers

Actually, I honestly don’t know who anyone is unless he uses his real name. Even then, I don’t know who most of you are.

In fact, sometimes I think this whole board is a Truman-esque joke wumpus is playing on me.


EDIT: Sometimes Tom can’t type good.

There is no spoon…

Thank you, Tom. Even wumpus will like you for that.

Additional side benefit: no more “that was me” posts. :D