Football Prop Bets

Reporting poolside Las Vegas via blackberry QT3, ambient temp a luxurious 109.

Clenched in my hand are the prop bets for the upcoming College and Pro football.


QB passing yards
Manning and Brees 5/1
Rodgers and Brady 6/1
Field and Schaub 8/1

I like Rivers at 10/1 - great schedule not sure about his WRs and coach…

RB Rushing yards
C. Johnson and A"AD"P - 5/1
Field and Frank Gore - 6/1
Michael Turner - 8/1


WR receiving yards

Andre J - 5/1
Field, Marshall, Fitz, Wayne - 6/1
Moss, C. Johnson 8/1

I like Miles Austin 12/1 until my girlfriend said he was dating a Kardasian…

Anyway there are a ton of these - anyone got a favorite (or an online link to all of em, I’m slow with the BB keyboard.