Footy 2012-2013 Thread (EPL, La Liga, FA, CL, etc.)

With the English Premier League starting this weekend I figured I’d get a thread started. And rather than limit it to one league I figured I should open it up to the greater European leagues and tournaments. And really, why stop there? If you want to talk about CONCACAF who’s to stop you?

First - a question. Does anyone have first-hand experience with Fox Soccer2Go? Looks like I get practically all the EPL games either live or on-demand, plus they will have Champions League, Rugby, etc. I can get it for $20 a month or $160 a year. I haven’t ready anything yet that claims it is in HD (which would be a huge plus). Right now I use ESPN3 (I don’t have cable TV but have high-speed internet and a 40" HD ‘monitor’) and love it but they don’t show nearly enough EPL in particular. They do deliver in HD however. But if Soccer2Go is decent quality/reliability then I think I’ll have to work it in my budget.

Second - a shot at you Arsenal fans. Really, really happy that Robbie van Persie has left even if it is to ManU. Finally I can root for him openly.

Come on you Spurs! (And quite seriously, I believe Gylfi “The Iceman” Sigurdsson will be one to watch at Tottenham this season.)

Gylfi is good. Would rather he be at Swansea, but oh well.

Not an Arsenal fan, but even less of a Man U fan, so I’m sad to see RvP move to Manchester.

Not league related, but the US beat Mexico at Azteca last night for the first time in the series 75 year history.

Concacaf? pfff, Conmebol is where the good football is!

Wanted to share my favorite EPL site; the inimitable

Also they do weekly podcasts which are available at Grantland.

And Rog just put up an EPL preview on ESPN

I love that podcast! Those dudes are hilarious and have been great as I get more and more into soccer over the past year. I remember reading Davies’ World Cup diaries on ESPN, which were also great.

But yea, I am looking forward to this season. Before last year I only watched the World Cup, but following EPL has been fun, and I really like the European club championships as well.

My only problem is I don’t really have an EPL team to back. It feels weird just picking one randomly. If I HAD to choose a favorite it would be Man-U, but that is only because they were the first English team I ever heard of as a kid.

Old Hoss Radbourn ‏@OldHossRadbourn

Remember when enjoying British soccer today all of the fine Americans who gave their lives to stop the tyranny imposed by that fetid isle.

Well Spurs go down 2-1 to Newcastle. Liverpool lose 3-0 to WBA and two games finished 5-0.

All in all a good start to the season for some.

Spurs are making me sad. Haunting and familiar.

On a brighter note… Swansea! Also Arsenal don’t have a win or a goal yet this season. Harumph!

I’m new to football, and have decided to start watching EPL this season. Any help picking a team? I watched the Newcastle Chelsea game on Saturday and was bored to tears. The Stoke Arsenal game wasn’t so hot either. The Liverpool Man City game though… that was fun to watch. Killer free kick by Liverpool. They’re the team I think I’m enjoying watching as of right now. Is there somewhere I could find primers on the various teams? It’s a lot to take in all at once.

Well, Oxford United are unbeaten at the top of the division, so I’d be quite happy for the season to end in August, thank you very much. It can only go downhill from here.

Premier League preview by Roger Bennett

MisterFlannery - You might want to read the linked article. Rog is one half of Men In Blazers which you may find worth your time and good for a laugh or too especially as you start to get up to speed on all things EPL. Rog breaks the EPL league down into the essentials and then gives some depth (and humor) into the major players. That said I think Liverpool is a fine choice for you to get behind. They are no longer staunchly in the upper echelon of teams but have a great history and are striving to return to their historical greatness. I have no doubt that they will fill your heart (and then break it) quite nicely. :)

That’s precisely why I was interested in them. Lots of young players, new management, and previously a great team on somewhat hard times. Plus when I watche dbaseball as a kid I was Reds fan so there’s that incidental similarity too. :)

The Champions League pools were drawn today.

I’m not familiar with some of those teams, but the groups seem pretty uneven. Group D has the English, Spanish, German and Dutch league winner. Still, I think this is an awesome tournament, and I’m looking forward to it.

Real Madrid finally won one against Barca (2-1) and got their first Cup of the year. Maybe they won´t be getting owned so hard this year.

I kinda hate that La Liga is just a thing between Barca and RM. I think Premier is much more competitive and interesting.

I dunno, you either get those leagues were one or two teams dominate the rest, or a league where all the team suck and the one that wins is the one that sucks the less.

F’ you Fulham! You better let Dempsey go to Liverpool today! Argh, deadline day is agonizing.

Well, that blew. Not sure what Liverpool are going to do if Borini or Suarez get hurt.

Wow, so Spurs got both Dembele and Dempsey from Fulham this week. Interesting. I sure hope this works out for both Dempsey and Spurs.

Also of note I thought, Dimitar Berbatov going to Fulham. He’s been languishing at ManU for a few years now; wonder if he still has anything to give. He’s a beauty to watch if he does.

So how good is this Luca Modric guy that Real Madrid got? haven´t seen any Tottenham games, I never really saw him play.