Footy 2012-2013 Thread (EPL, La Liga, FA, CL, etc.)

I was really hoping Dempsey would go to Liverpool, or maybe even Arsenal, so he would get a bit more attention. That being said, Tottenham is probably better than both of those teams, they just don’t draw as much media attention in the states.

It was my main soccer watching method last year. It’s not HD, but the quality is better than SD TV I’d say. I was happy with it overall except for the fact that if your team is one of the big ones (or is playing one of the big ones) they often don’t allow you to watch the match until the next day, and I just found that too frustrating. Almost all the big games were delayed.

Right now I’ve got satellite which is terrific for being both live and HD on ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel. I’m paying for Fox Soccer Plus (which carries a couple of EPL games per week in SD only) which is a 15$ addon in itself. I’m considering dropping that and re-upping with fox soccer 2 go for better quality.

tincrow -

That’s disappointing about Fox Soccer Plus. I definitely miss FSC and the HD matches they show. I’m taking the dip for Fox Soccer2Go. Like you said, not HD but seems better than SD and I have not had any problems yet watching matches live or on demand.

Sr. Rayo - Modric was the real deal for Tottenham. A very capable and unselfish sort of midfielder. Great with the ball at his feet, great touch, gives defenders fits. I expect he’ll do nicely in La Liga.

Thanks for the info! with Barca being (maybe) on the down after changing manager, Real might just take control of La Liga. A good midfielder to play with Xavi Alonso might make for great futbol. If he comes in with Xavi AND Otzil on the field, even better, but you never know with RM.

So what´s a good “underdog but with a chance” Premier league team to root for? No MAN U pls ugh.

Edit: and no Chelsea either!

Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, and maybe Everton make up the 2nd tier of English football right now. All are good, without the massive resources of Man X and Chelsea, and have a shot at getting into the top 4.

Go with Everton, they are a joy to watch.

Everton it is, never heard of it but the local telly is showing Premier games (I think someone messed up the La Liga tv deal) so I´ll have a chance for sure. I suspect that (as happened when I, quite by accident, became a Chicago Cubs fan) I´m in for years of heart pain and suffering, which as a true fan I shall blame on Man U.

Bad week for Liverpool. They looked just awful today. Lots of time in Arsenal’s face and absolutely nothing scored for it. Suarez has a fucking attitude problem. disappointing game and now they’re 1 pt. out of 9 for the season. I picked the wrong team. :( At minimum they do a great job of keeping possession. They just don’t have any striking power from what I’m seeing.

Yep letting Andy Carroll go without replacing him was madness. They will do well to finish in the top 6.

It’s always a bad week for Liverpool, you should have picked ManC, they were the underdogs for years until bought by some arabian dude with a lot of cash to spend, they bought Aguero last season and with Tevez on the front they are just going to keep winning over and over :p

Liverpool woes continue. And what is funnier is they were chosen as the subject of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ sort of exclusive feature which is being shown on Fox Soccer Channel; “Being: Liverpool”. Oof! Talk about not putting your best foot forward.

Also, Real Madrid very off the pace to start their season. (U sad, Ronaldo?)

Finally, Clint Dempsey inauspicious coming off the bench for his first game with Spurs. Tottenham finally showing some good form with 2 more goals from Defoe and Gareth Bale scoring his first goal in just about forever. While they’ve been off to a poor start it looks like Tottenham have accumulated a lot of interesting pieces. Dembele and Dempsey, Gylfi; plus the return of Adebayor and Defoe now hot. One hopes they can continue to find the chemistry.

AR wrongly disallowed two goals for Everton, ended 2-2. :(

And that’s good? :p

Match of the season so far in the PL, that’s for sure.
Both Everton and Newcastle impressed me, they have a lot of high quality players now and can challenge for the CL-spots again.

Hart has saved Manchester City on their match against Real Madrid so far. 0-0 half time.

This has turned into a very nice game. 2-2 with minutes to go!

Edit: and now 3-2 RM! very nice. Mou was celebrating that last goal and then some.

Not a Real Madrid fan, but I love me some Jose.

Thanks for the heads-up, Juan and robsam. When I saw it was 0-0 at the half and then a 3-2 finish I resolved to watch the 2nd half on replay. Glad I did!

Check out my man Jose jabbing the elbow into the midrif of the assistant trying to get in on the celebratory ruining the suit slide! Brilliant! He takes that poor guy out like a champ, slides across the grass in a (guessing?? One MILLION DOLLAR suit) like I used to get in trouble for with my mom in old Levi’s…and then he POINTS TO THE SKY!! Not to thank God for the goal, of course, Jose has a mirror in his mind and he was pointing to HIMSELF! This probably seems like some crazy sarcastic rant against Jose, but it isn’t! I really love that arrogant jackass, the Special One. World football/soccer needs more Joses and Sir You Know His’s’s’s, managers are the straw that stirs the drink.

He needs to go back to Inter :(