For All Mankind tv show - guy who wrote new BSG/Caprica

I am watching this and is super good.

But it takes AGES for it to start moving and developing the characters enough to be interesting, but once they had that in movement, it was a great show.

There’s a break point around episode 2-3 of S1 where the show jumps dramatically in quality. The first two episodes almost feel like a different show.

Yay! New (and final?) season? Love this show.

Just saw the trailer for it while scrolling down to the thing we were going to watch. Yay! We loved it too, and can’t wait for this new season. I just hope they didn’t fuck it up.

So just started the show recently, near the end of season 2 now.

Let me just say that the whole thing with Danny? It cements my opinion from season 1, namely that Karen Baldwin is The Worst. That’s been my opinion since in season 1 when Tracey confides in her about Gordo cheating and Karen basically tells her suck it up and ignore it. Granted period appropriate internalized misogyny, but still The Worst.

She gets…better? I guess? By the end of season three at least she’s less problematic. The tightrope walk they are doing with this decades spanning format makes hitting the right note for all the different cultural beats and portrayals hit or miss.

uh oh… Looks like Season 4 leans even more into the soap of it all. The whole Danny arc almost ruined the show for me and if stuff like that is even more prevalent, then I’m out.

I tricked myself in the first few episodes of Season 1 and thought this show was going to be a rotating ensemble cast as we watch the wheels of history turn. I was dismayed to realize it was the story of one cursed family haunting the space program.

Okay, watching the first episode, and wondering, did Danny Stevens finally put himself out of our misery or what? I don’t remember him dying in the third season…

They’ve done a really good job of frumping up Wrenn Schmidt. This is supposed to be 2003 or something, I guess.

Watching the second episode now, and a bit depressing how even on Mars, the perquisites of class carry over after a while.

The frumping will continue until morale improves.

I just watched the 2015 Fantastic Four movie (God it sucks being a completionist) and Toby Kebbell is in it as the worst possible portrayal of Doctor Doom possible. He’s the “gol dang, I didn’t think to read the fine print before going to Mars” oil worker in S4. He’s much better in this, but given FF2015, that’s faint praise.

Wow, what a fun coup experience for Margo. Really enjoyed episode 3 and like what they are doing with this season so far. Far fewer familiar faces, but enough to not be too jarring. And in their place some fresh faces. Plus the lower decks treatment is a storyline this series hasn’t touched before.

So in this reality, the August attempted coup is 12 years late, by the looks of it. As soon as Margo turns on her TV and all she gets on there is Tchaikovsky ballets and such I had a feeling something like that was happening.