For anyone who believes in karma:

Multiple rapist wins $10m lottery:,,30000-13186442,00.html

Yeah, but would you really want to trade places with him?

I dunno, dude… money AND women? That’s a tempting combination.

It appears his women days are over, but with 7 million he can afford to pay one of his cell mates to act like a girl.

Maybe he can do what that french dude in SWAT did:

“I will pay ten meeeelion dollars to anyone who gets me out of here!”

He is 3 million short. :)

Even if it works, then he is just a rapist with no money. I still don’t want to swap with him.

Nope, he’s actually got more than $10m because he won 7m POUNDS.

Can you say victim’s fund? That’s where they should deposit the winnings.