For Bill Dungsroman

When you write your book on what a fucked up country this is, I expect a citation.

Two South Toledo boys ran away from their mobile home to avoid being abused and locked in a cage, authorities said, and yesterday, police arrested their parents for child endangering…

Police searched their home, which Capt. Ray Carroll described as “deplorable,” and found a kennel-type cage designed for a small dog or cat…

Court records indicate the couple placed their children in a cage used for a dog and placed or condoned a shock collar around the neck of the 10-year-old. The boy was shocked repeatedly through the use of a remote-control device, which is a training tool for animals.

The records also state the parents participated in the use, sale, and/or manufacturing of drugs in the presence of their children.

According to the radio, where I first heard of this, dad would shock the kid for “making too much noise” while he was stoned on the couch.

Jebus, do we need a thread about every incident of some worthless human beings abusing children now?

I know it happens, and statistically a nation as populous as ours has it happen every day even if only a tiny tiny fraction of the populace would do such a thing. Doesn’t make it pleasant to read about though :(

Don’t interrupt my pleasant day with your horrible stories of reality.

Anyone who has actually raised 10 year olds is probably looking up the shock collar on eBay as we speak.

Yes. You can’t have the good without the bad.

I don’t want to turn this thread into an ‘Amerika!’ argument, but statistically, you have 5% of the worlds’ population and 30% of it’s inmates. I know it seems like there’s a lot of you because your country is so large, but you’re all spread out :p

you have 5% of the worlds’ population and 30% of it’s inmates

That’s just because we do a better job of catching the bad guys. I mean, do your “cops” even carry guns?

And, honestly, I think if I were locked in a cage with a shock collar around my neck, I’d learn to STFU the next time dad was stoned.

Then why did you post that?

Because I think the “We’re so large, it’s just a few people, like any other country” argument is limp, and if people continue to think that there’ll never be real change.

We have more inmates than other countries because of our penal system. A vast majority of those inmates are due to “mandatory minimum” drug sentences.

I doubt that the fraction of the population in prison has much to do with the true rate of occurrence of these sorts of crimes. I also don’t think you should make broad changes based on rare events like this.

On the other hand, that huge prison population sounds like a very good reason to rethink policy.

At the very least, can people please put meaningful titles on their threads? “For Bill Dungsroman” and “The stupid. It burns england.” are not phrases that immediately make me think of child abuse.

BTW, if you do want to go on raw numbers, the US is #25 in the world for Murders, according to this site.

We’re not at the top of the list, but we’re also not at the bottom of the list. Of course we’re a big country, with a fairly large population. Some other rather populous nations (India) are right around the same place.

Could it be better? Of course it could. Notably Saudi Arabia is down at the very rock bottom of the list of countries, and they have a rather … harsh penal system. So I dunno what to say in regards to that.

That’s all I’m suggesting.

Did you think that with a caption like “For Bill Dungsroman” this was going to be a thread about puppydogs and birthday cakes?

I was hoping for midget porn.

This thread does not deliver.

An effort to help correct that.

Took the words out of my…keystroke-typing-fingers?

That said, wouldn’t 99.998% of the population of Singapore be in jail?

Fucking awesome, man.

That’s like saying “sure our educational system sucks, but hey look at the schools in Congo…”
I mean, look at the countries above the US on that list.