For Bill Dungsroman

That’s why we have more inmates. They kill everyone. :)

Jesus, Christ, we’re number two?

I always knew that we had problems but the second highest murder rate in the world?

Seriously, folks, quit yer bitching about the US, you’ve got it pretty good out that way.

Wait, what? I think you misread something.

No he didn’t. Number two on that list is South Africa, which is where Brendan is from.


At least 35% of the population think they are.

Wow, and I thought Alec Baldwin was bad.

WooHoo, we’re still Number Two! :|

for more fun and enjoyment and “Why your place is better than ours so no need to frown” check out: fun in the sun

damn - beat by Brendan.

Every link has a silver lining ?

Numbers 1 to 23 are all developing countries, anarchy, or South Africa. The next nastiest first world country, Finland, has 2/3rds the murder rate the US does. :(

Yes, I was a bit surprised. I thought the murder rate in the US was only 1.3-1.5x Canada’s rate, but it’s actually almost 3x the Canadian rate.

I knew that site would be creepy, but it’s way creepier than you’d think. Here’s a little gem from the “Jackin Forum”:

I just wanted to throw a “5-hand” suggestion your way, as it is a shame this thing doesn’t have the publicity it deserves. There is a children’s toy out there called the Super Mondo Ball. You should be able to find it at most local toy stores or science-museum gift shops. It feels absolutely fantastic with the addition of your favorite lubricant.

[li]1. It’s filled with “pleasure fingers”[/li]> [li]2. It’s reversible, for two different sensations[/li]> [li]3. It’s very easy to clean (seriously, a little soap and water and you’ll wonder where the mess went)[/li]> [li]4. It’s cheap ($6-$8)[/li]> [li]5. It lasts a long time[/li]> [li]6. Inoffensive appearance (doesn’t resemble a disembodied vagina), so if you get hit by a bus, nobody will find it in your drawer and laugh at you[/li]> [li]7. One size fits all[/li]> [li]8. It’s perfect for when you’re sitting in front of the computer (put a towel on the chair just in case)[/ul] Plus, it feels like a breast when reversed![/li]

What’s the onomatopoeia for vomiting?

“Blech” is the current leader, I think, but there’s no clear favorite yet.

Sweet merciful crap. Just when I think I’ve seen every horror the internet has to offer…

No offense to either of you, but not too many Americans are going to take “you guys have it better than we do here in South Africa” as a major comfort.

Some people masturbate rather than take their chances banging serial killers. Different strokes and all that (no pun intended).

Man, you’re kinda opening yourself up on this one…

Your country invented devices full of spikes for women to put into their vaginas so that would be rapists would remain “would be”.

I’m not sure what the market penetration (ha!) on them is yet, but it made for a very interesting class when the professor brought one of those out.

Dude, that site is bullshit. We do have our problems here but the author of that website is a complete raving lunatic.

Why Finland? Recent influx of the Russian mafia, or did they count suicides?