For Bill Dungsroman

Uh… yeah. That guy makes David Duke look like somebody who’s not a racist.

I dunno. Pushing your legs into your body sounds really fucking painful. Are you sure this works ?

We drink a lot of alcohol in Finland, and some people have the bad habit of poking their drinking buddies with knives when they get pissed off.

See, if the drinking buddies had guns they could defend themselves against those knive attacks!


… also: Heh! (stupid five letter inimum)

sorry - misunderstood - I didn’t mean it as a “white vs black” linkage, I meant it to be about the level of crime and the severity of it.

Saying that the guy is a lunatic doesn’t mean that what he has there is a lie because then you might as well tell my friend that he made up getting stabbed in the chest with half a bottle while he was walking home.

Just because it happens all round the world doesn’t mean its ok.

Crime problem or not – and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that South Africa has crime problems – the appropriate reason to link that site is to laugh at it, not to cite it as support for your keen sociological observations.

Hey, I’m on your side. I just don’t think that giving links like that to foreigners helps solve anything.

Crime is hideous around here but sites like that make it easy to dismiss the issue. When Thabo Mbeki says anti-crime campaigns are largely racist it is because of shit like that. It also scares away foreign investment and promotes the opinion that us white South Africans are blaming all our problems on the “Kaffirs”.

yeah, sorry …

I love this place, but sometimes I get the feeling I’m not wanted even though I contribute to the society and help where and when I can.

… it just gets me down somedays.

Trust me, I know how you feel.

Must be the Stockholm syndrome at work.

Just be careful of your… um… namesake?