For fans of DQVIII

I give you…

DQ: Yangus!

They never release DQ side projects in the US. Wasn’t there some slime game for the DS?

I like Yangus and all, but get back to me when they do Dragon Quest: Jessica.

Or, alternately, “Whack-a-Trode” (the Whack-a-Mole-based craze that’s sweeping the nation).

Well, the DS one isn’t released yet. It’ll be a sequel to the GBA one that was released back in 2003.

It was a really good game though. Sort of like a light-hearted version of Zelda 3.

But still, if DVIII does well, I think SquareEnix will bring it over.

Why? She didn’t start wearing halter tops until her mom disowned her.

All my wife knows about DQ8 is that it’s the “animated boob girl” game.

DQ VIII is struggling. Maybe this month will help, I dunno.

Fire Emblem GameCube was 9th…out of GameCube titles.