For Kevin Smith and comic fans only

Okay if:

  1. You’ve seen the Clerks DVD or video, and
  2. You’re a comics fan

You should find this rather amusing:

Oh man, that’s great. I’ll be book marking that right next to the “Weeeeeee” video.

To show you just how sad of a fanboi of Kevin Smith’s that I am… I own the Clerk’s Animated Series DVD and I bought a box on Ebay that was specially made to store the DVD trilogy (Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back)

I can’t really lump together my feelings for Kevin Smith in tha poll. I like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy was decent, Dogma was lame, Jay & SB was totally dick and fart jokes. So over all, he’s hit and miss. I’ve got the Clerks animated DVD’s as well.

I don’t see “a horrible director, but actually pretty good at writing dialogue; it’s a shame that Clerks, of all things, is the most highbrow concept he’s taken on.”

This seems appropriate:

  • Alan

There needs to be a vote on the poll for “all of the above.” They aren’t mutually exclusive, and I personally find every statement there true. :)

The Heroes thing is pretty good.